"Sun and Seaside"
Lampwork and Silver Bracelet

This bracelet has 4 of my handmade lentil shaped lampwork beads along with some beautiful Hill Tribe Silver beads
and a clasp from Thailand in a seashell shape. A tad on the chunkier side, but a nice and heavy quality to it!
My lampwork beads are a very nice size, measuring in at approx. 18mm by 18mm each. These beads have such a
gorgeous almost iridescent coloring to them! I achieved this look by using both genuine gold and silver in the
torching creation to get the whispy, dreamy colors of Aqua, Peridot, Amber, and Ivory, with hints of Amethyst on the
edges. Tiny little sparkles of silver are left throughout the bead from this technique. I encased with
Crystal clear to add even more depth and lots of sparkle!

Bracelet has a wearable size of about 7 and 1/2 inches all the way to 8 and 1/2 inches by clasping the Sterling silver
clasp anywhere along the Sterling silver chain to fit as snug or as loose as you would like.
Bracelet has a full measurement of  9 and 3/4 inches including chain and tassels. Tassel has two more of my tiny
little handmade beads in a soft Amethyst. Silver is Hill Tribe, Bali, and Sterling, all wire working is hand done by
myself. If you need this bracelet re-sized please just let me know!

Item #J-778
Close Up