Lampwork Bead Set - "Stone Vision"
(15 lampwork beads)

I handmade these beads using shards of stained glass. The variations on the stained glass give
each bead a swirl-like stone look that goes beautifully with semi-precious stones in your jewelry
designs! Red and Pale Orange, Ivory and Amber, Aquamarine and Sky Blue, Sage and Deep
Peridot Green, and Lilac and Amethyst Purple.

Lampwork beads measure approx. 7mm x 10mm each.
Entire Bead Strand measures 4 and 1/8 inches long.
Beads are made on a 1/16" mandrel. Beads have been properly kiln annealed.

Below is an example of what I created with some similar beads.

shown in inches
Close Up
Example of a bracelet I made using similar beads.