(shown in inches)
Deer Antler Wand - "Soul Traveler"

This piece was created with the intention of healing.
Our world is in need of healers at this time, these piece was born from my heart for
this purpose. To heal the healer and for the healer to use it for healing/energy work
for those who need it, including for themselves.

I cleansed this piece with a Sage smudge ceremony. I filled it with Earth energy in a
beautiful ceremony and set these intentions with it through prayer.
I also placed the "Ohm" resonance into the piece with an  Ohm tuning fork.
"Ohm" is the vibrational sound of the universe.
My wish is that this piece will be drawn to the person that needs it in their life at
this time to send healing and love out into our world.
It is great tool for Meditation and Healing purposes and is also perfect to display in
your meditation or altar areas.

I made this wand from deer antler. This antler was collected from natural annual
shed from wild deer in Colorado. No animal was harmed.

Because this wand is made with the antler of a deer it carries the beautiful totem
energy and spirit of the deer.
Deer energy is connected to high sensitivity and strong intuition. By affinity with
this animal, you have the power to deal with challenges with grace. You master the
art of being both determined and gentle in your approach. The deer totem wisdom
imparts those with a special connection with this animal, with the ability to be
vigilant, move quickly, and trust their instincts.

The center piece is made from Polymer clay which I hand crafted and painted using
a natural and organic inspired design.
The front side has two gorgeous cabochons set in: Turquoise and Lapis. Both
stones are awesome energy for speaking and living one's truth.
Turquoise is one of the oldest known healing stones. Turquoise carries great
wisdom of basic truth within it. It is a wonderful stone for the Throat Chakra.
Lapis Lazuli is another very ancient healing stone and a very protective stone.
It is a great stone for meditating with as it brings matters more clearly to the mind.
It is a good stone for healing, cleansing and purifying. It is also a Throat Chakra
stone, bringing forth truth.

The back side has three gemstones set in: Garnet, Iolite, and Amethyst.
Garnet is said to be a stone of purity and truth as well as a symbol of love and
compassion. It will helps with depression, self-esteem, one's own security level and
spiritual awareness. This stone is also said to bring constancy to friendships and to
be helpful for stimulating success in business. It works well with the Root Chakra.
Iolite, ancients believed that this stone could unlock creativity in an artist. Use this
stone to discover the lost parts of self and your inner treasures. It is a stone of
vision and creative expression. This stone works with the Third Eye Chakra.
Amethyst is a very strong healing stone, both for the healer and the person being
healed. It is also known as dream stone, and has beautiful energy for meditation,
spiritual wisdom, and energy. This stone works well with the Crown Chakra.

A Clear Quartz crystal is set into the top of the wand.
This is a very special Quartz Crystal called a
Phantom Crystal.
A Phantom is a crystal or mineral deposit within a crystal, if you look closely you
can see this ghost of another crystal that has grown inside of the main crystal.
Quartz Phantoms are symbolic of universal awareness and the many phases of the
cycle of life.  Phantoms are believed to bring great healing to the Earth by helping
to assimilate the past.
You can use Phantoms to facilitate inner growth, and when in need of help in
understanding and resolving past issues in your life or those you are offering
healing to.  Meditating with Phantoms can help one uncover hidden information and
repressed memories and bring them to the surface for final resolution and release.  
This type of self-work can often precipitate great transformation in one’s life.
This is why I specifically named this wand "Soul Traveler" - as it may aid in getting
in touch with and helping to heal your past.

Quartz Crystal Points have great energy for Healing,  and Energy or Spiritual work.
Quartz amplifies energies of other stones around it or other stones used with it.
Quartz Crystal points are especially useful for healing tools.

This wand measures 7 and 7/8 inches in total length and due to the natural
curvature it stands 7 and 3/4 inches. It measures just under 1 inch wide at the
widest part of the wand, which is the clay center piece.

"Soul Traveler"
Deer Antler Wand