"She Is Healing" - Winged GoddessPolymer
Clay and Gemstone Necklace & Healing/Meditation/Chakra/Reiki Tool

A beautiful Winged Goddess in all of her glory!
This is a special talisman piece with a message of healing.
Perhaps a healing taking place in you, perhaps it is healing you give to others, but you can feel it
can't you... a great healing is taking place, within us, without us, in Mother Earth herself!

This piece can be used like a talisman necklace, or the cord can be removed and used as a
meditation, Chakra, Reiki tool or altar piece.

The Goddess is made with polymer clay. I hand painted it and added an Amethyst stone in the
design, which is a very healing stone, if not one of the master healing stones!
Amethyst stone also represents the Crown Chakra, which is associated with personal
identification with Infinite. Oneness with God. Peace. Wisdom.

The Goddess has a beautiful faceted Quartz Crystal point at the bottom. This is a natural quartz
crystal and as such, has natural inclusions inside of the crystal.
Quartz Crystal Points have great energy for Healing,  and Energy or Spiritual work.
Quartz amplifies energies of other stones around it or other stones used with it.
Quartz Crystal points are especially useful for healing tools.

Goddess measures 3 and 3/8 inches tall from top of Goddess to bottom point of quartz crystal, or
85 millimeters. She measures just under 1 and 1/2 inches across at widest point or 37 millimeters.
She measures about 5mm thick.
Goddess comes with the colorful suede cord as shown, which measure about 18 inches long on
each side, so a total wearable size of 36 inches, which can be tied anywhere to adjust for length.

I cleansed this piece with a Sage smudge ceremony. I filled it with Earth energy in a
beautiful ceremony and set these intentions with it through prayer.
I also placed the "Ohm" resonance into the piece with an  Ohm tuning fork.
"Ohm" is the vibrational sound of the universe.
My wish is that this piece will be drawn to the person that needs it in their life at
this time to send healing and love out into our world.

(shown in inches)
Close Up