"Sea Turtle Tribe" -  Sun Catcher
Ceramic, Crystal, Copper & Gemstones

I love rainbows, lights, and prisms! I am not exaggerating, I have 33 crystal sun catchers in just
the three front room windows of my house (on the inside)! Haha! I have about 20 more otuside on
the front and back porch, and a few more hanging through out the house! I love waking up to
rainbow sparkles all over the floors and walls of the house! I have Eastern and Western facing
windows, so I get rainbows from the morning sun and the afternoon sun! It really is amazing!
I truly believe they are healing! They instantly bring a smile to my face, lighten the room, and lift
my heart , spirit, and soul! It is like the sun, sky and water dancing around together in the house.
Sparkly, glittery shimmers from all directions, I always want to join in on the rainbow dance, and
most mornings I do!

So give yourself some rainbows, or perhaps you know of someone that could use some happy
glittering shimmers in their life!?
A beautiful sun-catcher for your window, or garden area, or for some awesome energy in your
sacred space!

Some great symbols on this ceramic piece: The Nautilus Seashell and the Sea Turtle.
NAUTILUS: The spiral of the Nautilus is not just any spiral. Measuring it reveals that it conforms
to the shape of the Golden Ratio spiral, what is known as a "sacred geometry". As a symbol, the
chambered Nautilus is a powerful metaphor for one's spiritual evolution. From the moment we are
born and begin to crawl, we continuously discover, learn and outgrow our previous thoughts and
views of the world. To learn and grow requires us to think in a new or different way, essentially, to
think "outside the box". Like the nautilus, once we've expanded our minds beyond the old box, we
simply find ourselves in a new, bigger box, in which we continue to learn and grow.
SEA TURTLE: In the Native American cultures the turtle is a sacred figure that represents
Mother Earth. The meaning of the Turtle symbol signifies good health and long life. The turtle has
great longevity living up to 150 years. According to Native American legends and myths of the
Eastern Woodland tribes the turtle played a part in their Creation myth. The Earth Diver turtle
swam to the bottom of the water that stretched across the world. He surfaced with the mud which
the creator used to make the earth.
This particular design is with many sea turtles in a circle with the spiral symbol on their back. It is
a symbol of tribe and community coming together in connection and unified co-creation.

The entire length of the piece is about 17 and 3/8 inches long. It is filled with faceted crystals of all
kinds, semi-precious gemstones and glass beads. I used copper wire in the wire working, which
enhances the crystal energies. The Nautilus and Sea Turtle medallion measures 2 and 3/8 inches
across in diameter.


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