"Narwhal" - Healing Energy Pendant
Driftwood, Crystal, Gemstone and Seashell

I am so excited to offer this super charged healing energy pendant!
So much time and thought went into this specific piece and most importantly,
loving purpose and intent.

I made this piece with the healing energies of unconditional love and forgiveness.
The "Ho'oponopono" prayer was set into the piece after it was finished:
Which is the beautiful healing prayer of "I'm Sorry, Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You"
This particular piece was charged with and sat on a large Lemurian crystal on the night of the full
moon. March, 9, 2020.
The next morning I did a sage smudge prayer over the piece as it set on the same Lumerian
Quartz Crystal. I set into the piece the Earth hertz resonance with my tuning fork, activating not
only into the wood and the necklace cord, but into each and every crystal, gemstone and seashell.
I asked that the crystals be activated and awakened at this time to share their energy for the
highest good of the person who wears it. Not only for their personal healing, but for the sharing of
healing to all of those that are in contact with them, and  those that they may be aiding in their
healing journey.
I sincerely believe as we connect back with Mother Earth, ourselves, and each other, we will
accomplish true health and healing.

This piece is designed specifically to spread these energetic healing vibrations of unconditional
love in this way, for oneself and others, this planet, and even the universe. It is time for all that is
and everyone to connect. I do ask, with all of my heart, that whomever is drawn to this piece, to
please use it as the sacred tool it was designed for. I am honored and humbled to be a part in it's
coming together, but YOU will be the one to create, share, and spread healing with it. And I thank
you sincerely for this!

I created this design with the two sides, so that it is interchangeable. One can choose which set of
crystals and gemstones is facing outward, projecting healing out into the world, and which set of
crystals and gemstones is facing inward, physically touching the body and skin of the wearer.
It is doubly healing! It can be worn as a pendant for healing through-out the day, but can also be
used as an energy tool in specific healing modalities, such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra
alignment, and all kinds of energy work. This piece was meant to be used for all of the above and

My husband and I personally found this driftwood here near our home, along the Oregon coast.
And the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean. It was tumbled by the Ocean herself and the
crystals of sand from the Earth! It definitely has some beautiful energies!
We also personally hand collected the seashells and the two agates that are in the design.

There is a beautifully patterned faceted Chevron Amethyst point at the top and a faceted clear
Quartz Crystal at the bottom.
The first side has the full Chakra stone system set with in. Starting with a gorgeous uniquely
shaped and polished Amethyst cabochon. It is followed by Lapis, Turquoise, Peridot, Citrine,
Carnelian, and Garnet. Then a beautiful little shell that we found on the beach.
The second side starts with a spiral shell that we found, followed by an awesome agate we found
on the beach too. There are three Paua shell cabochons next, followed finally by a round
Turquoise cabochon.  I did the wood burning on the piece to enhance the stones and crystals.

It measures just a tiny bit over 5 inches long. About 5/8 of an inch wide. And about 1/2 of an inch
thick. It comes on the faux suede leather cord as shown. The hole is large enough to hold most
chains, and leather style cords.

There are many gemstone and crystal attributes to these stones that I could list.
You can find many of them on this link as well:
Gemstone Meanings and Attributes
I have also found that these written attributes are just a suggestion to what they might be used
for. It is a very personal connection that we have with our crystals and healing tools. Each one of
them can show us the energies they are here to share. We can create in harmony with these
crystals and tools by adding in our own personal intents, purpose, and our own energies. It is a
beautiful connection, creating a ripple effect of healing and more connection!


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