I love having and creating a magical sacred space for mind, body, and spirit!
I love creating ritual and beauty in the every day experiences of life! And adding sparkly energy to everything I
make and do!
This page is dedicated to the more spiritual side of my creative endeavors.  I hope to share the sparkly energy of my
heart and soul here, and perhaps some inspiration for others. To live, love, and participate in a creative life!
My twin sister and I visit Sedona, Arizona a lot!
This special place is filled with lots of vortex
energy, and is very special to me having grown up in
Arizona most of my life! There are sacred waters
located here and one special place is the Sinote at
Montezuma's Well.
The Native Americans from this area believed that
this is where there ancestors came up from Middle
Earth to be here on this plane.
I love taking my creations and crystals to wash
them in these mystical and magical waters.
This was a most magical day, Pachumama's
birthday. We made head wreaths and honored
Mother Earth that day!
More Sedona Magic!
I took these crystals to 3 different vortex
areas around Sedona to collect the energy in
them. I later made them into beautiful jewelry
creations that are available in my Jewelry
section on my website. I love creating with
intention and really putting energy and
thought into the designs that I create!
I believe it is important to surround myself with
beauty! I find the energies that come from
these things lift my spirits and fill my home with
sparkly goodness. I can truly feel it!
I make most of the things on my altars, or
sacred spaces around my home. I include things
handed down from my ancestors, things from
nature, from my gardens, gifts from others...
all special memories and energies!
One of these areas is my work table where I do
most of my crafting! It makes for great
energies of love, light, and creativity!
You don't need expensive things, a feather,
seashells that you found, a bottle from your
grandmother, etc! I love burning incense and
candles in this space for an even more magical
feel to them!
Crystal Gridding! Every now and again my soul is called to make a crystal grid. I can just feel when it needs to
happen and can feel the stones that want to be placed in it. Each grid is created for unique reasons, unique energies
and unique intentions! The above photo is a rare grid, this involved every single crystal that I owned as well as
several sacred objects such as wands and pieces of jewelry from my ancestors.
I made a bed in the center and slept here for one night and I had the most beautiful, prophetic dream of love that has
actually come true!

Below are some other examples of grids I have done in the past. Crystal gridding does not need to be complicated or
elaborate, you can do a crystal grid with one crystal and other objects! What is most important is your intention
behind the building and purpose of the grid and the energies you are desiring to bring in. Just listen to and follow
your heart, there is no right or wrong way... only beautiful energies from your intentions!
I made this crystal grid at the beach,
enjoying a peaceful relaxing day with my
lover, sweetheart and husband.
I used the found treasures we had collected
on our beach walk that day and lit an incense
for each of us. This grid was for bliss and
gratitude for the love we have in our lives!
This crystal grid was made for the search of my
beloved. For the manifestation of and arrival of my
true other half, my twin flame!
I left it up for almost a month! I was introduced to my
husband about 6 months after this.... just saying!!!
This was a very simple grid that I
made in Sedona while taking a day
just to relax. I dedicated it to the
NOW! And just enjoying the moment
and the day in such beauty!
I made this grid for abundance, of all sorts! For myself and
for everyone and all that is!
The color green is associated with abundance so I used a lot
of that. The number 5 is also associated with abundance and
I used groupings of 5 for this purpose, I also built it on May
5th, 5-5, to bring in even more of the energies of abundance!
This was a recent grid I made for
peace around the world! A true
connection of us all!
I used the Flower of Life in the
center glass piece, as well as the
cloth one below the grid. The flower
of life is a beautiful symbol that we
are all connected. I used found
objects such as the acorns, to
represent that we are also connected
to nature. That anything we do,
anything we share, we are doing it to
everyone, not just ourselves. This
grid was made to bring love and
peace and connection energies for
the world!
This is another recent grid. I made this on the Spring
Equinox 2019. I built this grid right on the beach for a
special thank you and loving gratitude to Mother Earth for
how wonderfully she takes care of all of us and provides us
with everything we need. And how we can count on her for
the seasons, to grow our gardens, for the rains to water our
plants and souls, and all the beauty and sustenance she
provides and gives to us so freely!
This grid was built for unconditional love. I used a lot of green and pink
stones, which is the colors connected to the heart chakra. I built this for
energies of unconditional love to fill all living souls and to surround our
Mother Earth with love as well.

I truly love to spread love and positivity!
Before we started our "
Message In A Bottle"
adventures, I would make these "positive coins".
These are just little wooden pieces that I picked up from
my local craft store.
I wood burned positive messages on one side and pretty
designs onto the other.
I have fun giving them to random people just to bring a
smile and share the LOVE!