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A bottle is a vessel, and the dictionary tells us that a vessel has many definitions, two of which are:
1. A vessel can be a hollow or concave utensil to hold something.
2. And a vessel can be a person regarded as a holder or receiver of something, especially non-material.

If you have found one of our Message In A Bottle's, both definitions apply!
For you have a material object in your hands that is hollow and holds something.
Inside of each bottle we place a message of LOVE scrolled onto a little piece of paper. This is just one of the ways it
is filled with love! The message is filled with loving words on a scroll, AND this bottle has been hand-crafted with
love by our hands and holds the energy of love inside of it, both in the creation of the bottle, the words of love on the
scroll, and even the energy of love filled to the brim of the hollow space inside, to spill on to you when you open it!.

We made the bottle with YOU in mind, we asked God/Universe/All That Is, to allow the perfect person, at the perfect
moment to be led to find this bottle! Our hands and hearts become vessels to spread forth LOVE.   Simply for the
Glory of Love! For it is that Love that came up with this idea in the first place.
This is just our little way to share forward in gratitude, the LOVE that is so freely given to us!
The bottle and message are the vessel and symbol of this LOVE in your hands.
And you are also a vessel of this LOVE... right in your own heart, to spread forth and SHINE!

We are all in this constant flow of LOVING energy, transferred from BE-ing to BE-ing, because WE ARE the
Vessels! We pass along the love from one to another! And as we fill up with this LOVE from within, we become
bottles of JOY and LOVE to spill forth to others in our gratitude of being filled so freely with LOVE by
God/Universe/All That Is!
This continuous flow of the GIFT of LOVE is the true living waters that flow freely to ALL.
Free energy = LOVE!

We would highly recommend for everyone to share their love "gifts" and adventures forward in whichever way feels
perfect for you! It creates such JOY within!
What do you do that lights you up and fills you with happiness? This is a good clue as to what, where, and how you
can share forward this amazing interconnected message of LOVE! We were all born with "gifts".....It can be
anything, not just art, a smile, a song, a kind word can be the most amazing gift for the person that really needed it
that day! As we share our gifts of Love with every choice, on every path, in every place, we connect the Love greater
and greater and the most magical part of it is that, by sharing it, our own Love grows greater!

Our “Message In A Bottles” are hand created by us with great LOVE in our home art studio, here in Salem, OR.
We make ceramic bottles from clay, hand-blown glass, and other materials too! We take the bottles to hide at all the
places we explore and adventure. (which is usually in Oregon, both on the coast and in the mountains). We also leave
them in Arizona when we go back for our visits with family!

Please follow along with us on our adventures of love with "
Message In A Bottle" on our Blog page on our website. (Link here and below)

We enjoy sharing the stories and experiences that the finders may share with us, to continue the story of love!! We
LOVE BE-ing a part of the Greatest Love Story that EVER IS!
We also found some happy creatures to photo bomb the bottles in our photo clues, just for some extra fun! haha! We
are like two little kids! We don’t leave the creatures, just the bottles, (so the creatures can help us with future
hidings)! If you want to find one of our bottles for yourself, feel free to follow our adventures. We leave hints on our
Blog page on where to look for them after we have placed them!

Thank you for joining in, sharing and spreading the LOVE connection with us! And Happy Finding!!!!

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