Lampwork Bead Set - "Mandarin Bloom"
(22 lampwork beads, including 1 sterling pendant)

Bright blooms in Mandarin Orange, Bright Turquoise, and Deep Lavender create a fun set.
Designs in dots, bumps, swirls, encased florals, plunged bubbles, and 4 daisy beads, including one
daisy sterling pendant.

Lampwork daisy beads measure approx 15mm x 15mm each.
Lampwork beads measure from 5mm x 7.5mm to 6mm x 9.5mm.
Bead set comes with the 6 Sterling beads as shown.
Entire Bead Strand measures 6 and 3/8 inches long.
Daisy Pendant measures 1 inch long. Components are Sterling silver.
Beads are made on a 1/16' mandrel.

shown in inches
Close Up