"Leaf of Life"
Ceramic Offering Bowl

I created this ceramic bowl/dish using real leaves as a pattern and imprint on the clay.
When the piece goes into the kiln the leaf will burn away, and leave the natural pattern behind.
I used interactive pigments and glazes to get a very natural and organic feel in many colors of

Green leaves have a symbolic meaning of: hope, renewal, and revival. Leaves are symbolic of
fertility and growth.

You can use this bowl for your offerings of all kinds, including essential oils or sacred waters, or
for crystal charging meditations in the moonlight. Use it for smudging or incense and resin
burning. Or maybe for a ring/jewelry dish, soap
dish? Lots of imaginative ideas!
I personally use these bowls for crystals. When I wake up each morning, I  love putting my
favorite stones that appeal to me that day in the bowl/dish so that I can have them near me at my
work station or desk to have their energy near by. I do the same thing at night, putting stones, or
small mementos in the bowl/dish near my bedside, for mediation, healing, or for remembering.

I set an energy into the bowl as I am making the piece and also do a little ceremony before I ship
it to you! I smudge it with sage and set sound resonance into the piece with tuning forks which
harmonize with the Earth's Ohm resonance. I do these things just to charge my artwork and
creation with beautiful intentions of healing, abundance, joy, and peace. You can also do this with
your own intentions when you receive it.

It is dishwasher safe, (I would make sure to put it on the top shelf).
It is signed by me on the bottom.

(The crystals shown in the photo do not come with the dish, this is just an example).

It measures 6.75 inches in length  and 4.25 inches in width. It is about 1 inch deep in a gra
slope perfect for holding things.

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