Lampwork Glass Cabochon

I love Jupiter, it is the King of the planets in our solar system!
The storms on Jupiter are beautiful and the ever swirling "Red Spot" could fit 3 of our Earth's

I made this cabochon with a base of Ivory and Blue, Red, Gray, Silvered-Ivory all encased with
Crystal Clear for added depth and sparkle.

Cabochon measures approx. 1 and 9/16 inches in diameter, or 39.5 millimeters. It measures
approx. 8.5 millimeters thick.

I make the cabochons on a bolt & screw style mandrel, so each cabochon is left with a bolt inside
of the glass. This does not effect the design, and actually this piece can be used with any of the
interchangeable jewelry by
McDuck Creations, by simply screwing the cabochon onto the
different jewelry components they have with threads.
Or you can simply use it for any cabochon project.

This lampwork cabochon was handmade by me
and has been properly kiln annealed.

Measurement shown in inches.
Close Up