"Jewel of the Lotus"
Polymer Clay and Sterling Silver Pendant

A beautiful lotus pendant created from polymer clay.
Throughout many cultures over time, the Lotus has been a
powerful image and a spiritual symbol. In Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian
religions, the lotus is considered a sacred flower.
Among it's many meanings and significance, the lotus is a symbol of
"spontaneous" generation, and so it also represents divine birth, spiritual
development and creation itself.

I hand made the pendant and embellished it with gemstone beads in Moonstone, Ametyst, and
Quartz Crystal.
I hand painted vibrant colors on the lotus, and sealed with a clear coat for a sparkling shine. (The
back side is also painted with an Ohm symbol)
In Hindu philosophy, the vibration created when saying the word Ohm symbolizes the vibration of
the universe.

Sterling silver tassels are filled with genuine gemstones including: Rhodonite, Dyed Magnesite,
Garnet, and Carnelian.
Beads, spacers, and bail are Sterling and Bali silver. Bells are steel

Actual Lotus measures 2 and 1/8 inches wide by 1 and 5/8 inches tall.
Entire pendant measures 3 and 1/2 inches in length, from top of bail to end of tassels.
Can be worn on ribbon or chain as shown.
*Chain shown in pictures is not included with the pendant.

(shown in inches)
Close Up