"Gypsy Star"
Clay and Gemstone - Star Fish Totem - Necklace

The starfish is a beautiful totem. They are a great representative of the concept "As Above, So
Below". They are the stars below, mimicking the stars above. Their remarkable ability to sense,
move, regenerate - all that good stuff is available to us humans on earth.
Just as the starfish can re-grow an arm, we can regenerate our attitudes, our beliefs, our
mind-sets. We can heal ourselves, we can grow knew limbs of thought that take us to higher levels
of experience. We can lop off parts of our belief systems that no longer serve us. We can replace
these phantom limbs with higher-minded ideals. We can cut off our bad habits, and regenerate
good ones.

There are many attributes aligned to the starfish:
Strong, Patient, Ancient, Magical, Healing, Sensitive, Longevity, Renewing, Perceptive,
Mysterious, and Resourceful.

There is also a beautiful story about the starfish, the story of an old man coming to the starfish's
rescue. He encountered countless starfish stranded on the beach. He tirelessly set to work,
tossing each one back into the sea. A young man saw the man flailing about, trying to save all the
starfish, and said: "Hey, old man...what's the point? You can't possibly save them all!" To which
the old man responded, "Maybe not. But I can save this one, and that makes all the difference."
(We each make a difference, no matter how small!)


I made this pendant with polymer clay and gemstones:

Amethyst: Is known as a dream stone. The amethyst has long been used to open
the spiritual and psychic centers, making it one of the power stones. It is also used as
a meditation aid when worn as a necklace. The amethyst symbolizes piety, humility,
sincerity and spiritual wisdom.

Garnet: This stone is said to be a stone of purity and truth as well as a symbol of
love and compassion. It will helps with depression, self-esteem, one's own security
level and spiritual awareness. This stone is also said to bring constancy to
friendships and to be helpful for stimulating success in business.

The design is done with an earthy, coppery-terra-cotta color clay. I painted it with some metallic
powders and created some beautiful patterns in the clay. After baking I gave it a glossy finish to
seal in the powders and paints.

This piece is a nice size, a definite totem statement! :)
It can be worn as a necklace and used as an energy tool or altar piece.
It has an approximate diameter of 3.42 inches, (or 86.9mm), which does not include the bail.
The bail is silver plated, the jump ring is sterling silver.
A beautiful braided cord made from Sari silk and hand-spun yarn is included with the totem.

(shown in inches)
Close Up