"Golden Ray" ~ Energy/Inner~Chi Frequence~Key Wand

I have co~created with this beautiful gemstones and crystals a hand-held frequence~key wand.
It is meant to be worked WITH! Both a giving and receiving of energies/inner~chi's. By the
crystal and gemstone Be~ings and the Be~ing who holds and works with it.
This co~creative energy/inner~chi exchange can be used for working with frequencies and
vibrations. Re~leasing, re~charging, re~membering, on an equal ground, thus co~creating balance
on all levels and dimensions. A freed energy... a free~quence~E, (freed Energy/Inner~Chi), a
bridge that unites all energies and amplifies all involved in the co~creative energy/inner~chi

This beautiful frequence~key Be~ing is 123.4mm or 4.86 inches tall in it's full creation. It
measures 23.4mm or .92 inches at widest area.

The Chakra stones are set in one side:
Amethyst (Crown Chakra = Sahasrara)
Lapis Lazuli (Third Eye Chakra = Ajna)
Turquoise (Throat Chakra = Vissudha)
Moss Agate (Heart Chakra = Anahata)
Yellow Aventurine (Solar Plexus Chakra = Manipura)
Carnelian (Sacral Chakra = Svadhisthana)
Garnet (Root/Base Chakra = Muladhara)

The other side has larger unique cabochon shapes in these gemstones and crystals:
Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Unakite, Carnelian, Tigers~Eye, and Turquoise.

The ends have two gorgeous crystal points: Quartz Crystal and Sodalite.

The clay is a polymer. Please be aware that it is best to keep it out of full on water situations, such
submersing it in liquids or oils.
The clay is a golden color and there are the most amazing sparkles throughout, especially when
held in the sun! WOW!

We are beginning to re~member that working in natural, organic ways WITH these natural
organic energies inside of us and outside of us can create harmony and balance for ALL. That
neither energy or inner~chi is above or below the other, and we do not need to damn/dam , or
enslave energies to work for us....we can co~create with them to create FREED energy =
(unblocked energy/Inner~Chi), and work and create together.

In fact using another energy life force drains it, and makes the user an "energy vampire". This is
an unhealthy and unbalanced approach to both the energy being drained and the one draining it...
as it causes an imbalance and blockages for all energies involved.
These co~creative frequence~keys bring balance and harmony, bridging and balancing the
energies/inner~chi's created. A real co~creation.

These specific designs are shown to me in dreams and visions. It is the technology of nature.
Bringing dimensions/energies together, above and below,  within and without....inner space and
outer space,  to co~act and co~create together with touch (physical), heart (love), E~motion
(energy in motion), thought (intent and belief)....for the purpose of healing and balancing these
dimensions for All. It balances and charges both/all parties energies involved in the co~creation of

All of this "technology" is inside every living energy Be~ing already, it is our natural nature.
We need nothing outside of ourselves to create it. We can also amplify it when we come together
and unite with our energy/Inner~Chi to co~create together. This is exactly what this
frequence~key wands was co-created with and for, to amplify this harmony and balance
This amplifies inner~chi AND energy, instead of draining  the "currency" and "charge" of all
parties involved in the co~creation, communion, open motion of Freed Energy/Inner~Chi. This
desire to be equally charged, equally balanced,  is the true "technology" behind the outer
technology, and a balanced inner "technology".... it is simply...LOVE.

Love and communion....A true "freed" energy. Much like living batteries , that do not "use" each
other up when touching or co~creating together,  they charge each other up equally with energy &
Inner~Chi. A balanced giving and receiving that amplifies charge for all energies.
A co~creative charge between the energy of the  living Be~ings in the creation, and the Inner~Chi
of the living Be~ing working with it for the benefit and health of all energies involved.

Uniting our perspectives, dimensions, knowledge and understandings is the key of harmony and
peace we all desire. In this format of uniting energies and co~creating together for the benefit of
all, we are all students and all teachers,  all on equal ground.
What we seek is seeking us. Heaven is here now, it is an energy state,  E~state,  our true and
natural way of BE~ing.  United In Love.

These are just a few of my latest creations using this ancient/futuristic "technology" that I have
been shown in dreams and I am simply passing it along in my own unique artistic style,  in the
greatest desire for all energies to unite and co~create in~love, in~joy and in peace together.
We are all in this together,  individually creating with our Inner~Chi and collectively creating
energies together, in all that we inner/inter~act with.
Above and Below, Inner Space and Outer Space!
We all a you~nique part in The Greatest Love Story that Ever IS!


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