Lampwork Bead Set - "Frozen"
(15 lampwork beads)

The palest, most beautiful Aqaumarine glass done in all different shapes and sizes with lots of texture
and plunged bubbles to catch the light and sparkle!

Designed beads measure approx. 7mm by 10mm each.
Ruffled beads measure approx. 4mm by 15mm each.
Disc beads measure approx. 4mm by 12mm each.
Spacer beads measure approx. 6mm by 10mm each.
Entire bead strand measures 3 and 3/4 inches long when strung together.

Beads were wound on a 1/16" mandrel.
Beads were lovingly made by me in my home studio and properly kiln annealed

shown in inches
Close Up