"Flower of Life" - Wall - Garden Art
Ceramics, Lampwork Glass, Copper & Driftwood

One of my newest creations. A beautiful art instillation for your home or garden for
some awesome energy in your sacred space! Great for meditation too!
(See link below for a short but amazing Flower of Life Meditation).
A beautiful Flower of Life sacred symbol hand made by me in ceramics along with
lampwork glass beads, also handmade by me.
I etched the lampwork beads for a soft sea-glass look which looks just beachy next to
the driftwood that I collected here on the beautiful Oregon coast!
Both glass and ceramic have been properly kiln annealed.

The entire length of the piece is about 11 and 3/4 inches long. The driftwood
measures about 11 and 3/4 inches in length. Wire working is all hand done by me in
copper. Hanging loop has some Sari silk and hand spun yarn wrapped around it. The
Flower of Life symbol measures about 7 inches in diameter.

The Flower of Life is a figure in sacred geometry that is made up of overlapping
circles in six-fold symmetry, it looks like a hexagon made of circles. The 5 platonic
solids are all found within The Flower of Life as is Metatron’s Cube, The Seed of
Life and The Tree of Life to name a few. It is the physical representation of the
connections that we feel to all living things. It is a sacred symbol found in nearly
every culture on the planet and is believed to represent the cycle of growth of a fruit
tree from seed to fruit bearing tree. Many cultures believe The Flower of Life holds
ancient secrets.
The Flower of Life is a physical representation of the sacred, the divine, in each of
us. We are not separate from the divine, it resides in every cell of our bodies.
Together we make a web of divine life on this planet and beyond that is infinite and

(Link to Flower of Life Meditation)


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(shown in inches)
The Flower of Life holds all of the sacred platonic solid forms,
along with the Seed of Life, Tree of Life, and Metatron's Cube.