I am constantly in creative mode, waking or sleeping!
On our adventures I am always paying attention to the beautiful things around me! I am inspired by people, places,
sounds, music, the elements, other artists, and the master artist herself, Mother Gaia!
I have made this page to share some easy Do It Yourself creations that I have had fun with!
I will include any tips and instructions that I know and will be adding to this page
throughout this creative life journey!
May it bring inspiration and creativity to your sacred space
and heart!!
Come and let's make some art & magic together!

Such a fun little project for yourself or cute gifts! Hanging succulent holders!
I found these cute little shells at a beachy shop along the coast in Lincoln City, OR.
You can use shells that you have found or ones that you find at a shop like me. I even
see them all the time at thrift shops!
All I did was drill a small hole near the middle top of the opening of the seashell with
a diamond bit on my dremel tool. It is easier to do this when running under the water,
but be sure not to soak your dremel tool.
You want to make sure it balances properly - which was the only tricky part as you
want to make sure you balance it with the weight you are going to be placing inside of
it.  This may take a few holes, but it will still look good I promise, as the succulent
plants will kind of cover any "mistake" holes.  After I got the hole where I wanted,
I just used some stringing craft cord and put down the hole till it came out of the
opening of the shell, then I attached a bead to the end and secured with a crimp bead.
I pulled the cord and bead back inside after that, and it makes a nice secure hanging
cord that is crimped on the inside and ready to string some beads on the top side!
I added some beads and crystals onto the top part of the stringing cord that came up
through the hole, then crimped it off and hung the strand from a key ring.
Now I have some perfect mermaid treasures for my windows!
Are you a bottle collector like me? I especially love little
bottles! This is a super easy project for the bottles you
have laying around. A garden art flower vase!
You can always re-purpose drink and food bottles of all
sorts, or find bottles at any thrift store too!
You just need some copper wire and a nice piece of
driftwood or stick that you have found, a drill and some
bottles of your choice.
I drilled holes in four places on the stick, equal distance
apart for balance. But you can hang as many bottles as you
like depending on the size of your piece of wood. Even one
bottle looks gorgeous this way!
I used copper wire to wire work around the bottles and
then attached the wire up through the wood. I added loops
to the ends to hang cord on. You can use beads to accent
the design just by slipping them on to the copper wire in
certain places of your choice.
This makes a great little place to display
flowers in your garden.
Do It Yourself - Prayer Flags!
This is such a fun and easy project! I used colorful scrap, (fat quarters), from a craft shop, but you could re-purpose old clothes with cool prints, or
sentimental pieces of clothing too! You can hand sew or use a sewing machine to simply fold over one end of the material at the top to create a tube big
enough for whatever cord you want to hang your flags on.
I used a narrow camping rope from the camping section at Walmart. I sewed two different sizes of flags and alternated them down the rope and just slid
them on through the tube I had created with the stitching.

Prayer flags hold such a beautiful meaning!
Prayer Flags are thought to have been introduced over 2,000 years ago by the Bon people of Tibet. As predecessors to the Buddhist religion, their
prayer flags did not specifically honor any deity, or group of deities as many think today, but were simply used to relate to the elemental entities, or
forces of nature, to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.
The flags are meant to disintegrate from the elements and with time. As you are making your flags, fill the creation process and each flag with the
energies and love and prayers that you want to share with the world. As the flags break down with the elements and are blown into the winds, the belief
was that the positive affirmations and thoughts of loving good will and compassion of the colorful strips, or rectangles of fabric, would be blown by the
wind and spread all over the world!.
This has to be one of my most favorite projects to make! Lavender Smudge Sticks!
You will need a source for home grown lavender though!
Now that I live in Oregon and everyone and their dog has a garden, including me! I am so
excited to be able to do this when the blooming seasons come around!
All you have to do is gather a nice bouquet of lavender, you can also include roses and
sage from your garden! Tie them tightly with colorful embroidery floss and hang to dry.
You want to tie decent sized thick bundles because as they dry they will shrink up.
You will need to let dry for a few weeks and then they will be perfect for smudging with!
Oh and I love the smell of lavender smudge! Mmmmmmm!
Make your own Snowglobe! This is such a super easy project that
even children can get involved with!
Do you have a favorite bottle just sitting on a shelf?
Well this is my most favorite bottle I own, a Mermaid! Oh my
goodness I love anything Mermaid!!
I found her at a cute little antique shop on one of my adventures to
California. She was an old Avon bubble bath bottle!
You can use any kind of bottle or jar with a lid. Baby food jars make
a good project for kids!
All I did was fill her up with baby oil and then added lots of glitter and
some cool things I had found on that trip to California, including
seashells and sea glass! You can fill your bottle or jar with found
objects, beads, trinkets of all kinds, just make sure they are water/oil
proof. You especially want to make sure there is not a lot of dye on
anything you add in, or the oil will be colored with the dye.
What a perfect snow globe and memento she makes of that trip and
now she is filled with sparkles and memories of sitting on the beach
with my Dad and collecting sea glass for hours!!
Do you have some paint and some patience? LOL!
All you need are a handful of bottles of acrylic paint and some time on
your hands and you can paint just about ANYTHING!
I got these gourds from a local farm in Arizona, and the ornaments are
just the glass kind you can find at any craft store around the holidays!
After I finished painting the designs on I sealed them with a clear acrylic
coat of spray paint, which is available at most craft stores. This will seal
and somewhat water proof the pieces. They make for great decorations
and gifts! I have painted old frames this way too for a nice way to
display beautiful quotes or artwork!
Same idea as the one above, all you need are some acrylic paints and a spray can of acrylic clear coat!
My twin sister and I went down to spend the day at the Salt River in Arizona one day and took our paints and
paintbrushes with us!
We found river rocks, washed and dried them in the river and made some easy and simple designs!
Once the paint is dry, give them a nice coat with the acrylic spray and seal them.
They make great pieces to display in your gardens, house plants, altar and sacred spaces in your home, they
even make great gifts!
We left one behind for someone to find! (photo to the left).
There are whole communities that are painting rocks these days and leaving them all over for people to find!
A great way to share and spread the LOVE! A great and easy project to get the kids and grand-kids involved
with too!

There is even a whole group here in the Pacific North West that paints and leaves rocks for people to find and
enjoy, it is awesome!

Here in Oregon, the color of leaves in Autumn are just a dream palette of color and
texture for any artist! So I collected a few from our yard and made a gratitude and
abundance wreath!  Truly we are so provided with all that we need, mind-body-spirit,
from Mother Gaia and All That Is! What a great way to represent our many gifts and
blessings that surround us!
I collected about 100+ leaves and coated them with a clear sealer. Modge-Podge
seemed to work the best. Got a wreath wire base from the dollar store and wrapped it
up with some gauzy ribbon, also from the dollar store!
Then just went to town hot gluing layer after layer of leaves going around toward one
direction till I got back around to the beginning. I even got the little mini glue sticks
from the dollar store! I added a few silk flowers and the little red bulbs too, (also
from the dollar store). Grand total cost of this gorgeous Autumn
Gratitude/Abundance wreath = $5.00!
Have some fun with it! If you don't have leaves in your yard, what do you have that is
going in our out of season that you could use some clippings from? I have made
wreaths from pine cones, dried flowers, branches from trees, etc! It is great to use
things that are coming and going for the season!
Next for me is an ocean themed wreath, with as many times as we are exploring
along the coast and beach combing along the way, I have plenty to get started there!
Happy collecting, happy gratitude and abundance blessings, and happy creating!