Travel - Pocket Size - Healing - Crystal Gridding Kit
Lotus Mandala - Clay and 12 piece Tin Container Set

I designed this tool with very specific intentions.  It is a process of sacred creating or
making "medicine art". This is a highly healing process for me and I infuse this healing
into the creation. This is a meditation tool and a healing tool that just so happens to be a
piece of art as well. My hope is that it can be used for the highest purposes in your life
and for others.

I have smudged this piece in a sage ceremony, which includes passing the piece through
the lavender smoke while the lavender is smoldering. As I do this I say prayers and
blessings for this piece to be filled with healing, unconditional love, peace, and intuition.
In the prayers I ask this piece to be blessed and infused with the properties of the
gemstones, symbols, and meanings that are included in the design. I speak aloud of the
symbols and meanings, and each single gemstone and the attributes of these stones that
they may be helpful in the healing properties of this tool, and contribute to the energies in
this piece. They also have the energies of the Chakra.
(A full list of the gemstones and the attributes that were infused with prayer, along with
the Chakra energies is listed below).

I have done some healing sound vibration on this piece. I do this with a hand chime, and
let the sound energy resonate through the piece and fill it again, with divine purpose of
healing, peace, intuition and unconditional love.

Gemstones, Chakra and Attributes:
(There are a set of 4 small stones in each container).

Amethyst - Healing, dream stone, meditation, spiritual wisdom, energy.
Amethyst also represents the Crown Chakra with the attributes of: personal identification
with Infinite, oneness with God, peace and wisdom.

Sodalite -Inner peace, harmony, aids in communication.
Sodalite also represents the Third Eye Chakra with the attributes of: clearing
subconscious to channeling intuition, balancing state of mind, seeing divine perfection in
all things, and devotion.

Turquoise - Protection, good fortune, friendship, peace, healing, wisdom.
Turquoise also represents the Throat Chakra with the attributes of: ability to verbalize,
expressing truth through power of the spoken word.

Green Aventurine - Luck, increased perception, creative insight.
Green Aventurine also represents the Heart Chakra with attributes of: releasing
emotionally suppressed trauma, soul/heart consciousness, expressing love in action.

Golden Rutile Quartz - Brings new hope, helps to develop vision for the bigger picture.
Rutile Quartz is a very powerful healing stone as the needle inclusions add intensity and
transmission power to the crystal.
Rutile Quartz also represents the Solar Plexus Chakra with attribues of: assimilation of  
experience, digestion, positive use of personal power, manifesting goals.

Carnelian - Energy, power, healing, calms emotions.
Carnelian also represents the Sacral Chakra with attributes of: utilization of creative
forces into all aspects of being, high soul procreation, directing self toward devotion.

Garnet - Success, purity, truth, love, anti-depressant, self-esteem, friendship, protection,
luck, love, healing.
Garnet also represents the Base or Root Chakra with attributes of: grounding spirit
forces in the body, gaining the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane.

There is one Quartz Crystal point in the center container.
Clear Crystal Quartz:  Magic, power, healing, meditation.

Three of the small containers hold herbs and resin:
Sage leaf pieces, Lavender pods, and Amber resins.
These are all for burning/smudging/cleansing and can be burned inside of an abalone shell
or on charcoal bricks. You can also just use the dry herbs and resin for ceremony work.
The smudging ceremony is a Native American tradition that cleanses bad feelings and
negative spirits from homes, people, or objects, and sets positive intentions into them.
Smudging is done by burning specific dried herbs and letting the smoke float around the
home, person, or object. It is believed to cleanse as well as infuse with positive energy and
the rising smoke represents these prayers and intentions being lifted to the Creator.

There is a beautiful Lotus design on the main container. This is hand crafted from clay
and hand painted and glazed. A sparkling deep sapphire blue dichroic glass cabochon is
set into the center.
Throughout many cultures over time, the Lotus has been a powerful image and a
spiritual symbol. In Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian religions, the lotus is considered a
sacred flower. Among it's many meanings and significance, the lotus is a symbol of
"spontaneous" generation, and so it also represents divine birth, spiritual
development and creation itself.

The clay Lotus design is a perfect surface for your crystal gridding or you can set your
crystals on top of other surfaces such as bigger crystals or sacred geometry grids.

The main container measures about 3 inches in diameter and about 7/8 of an inch thick.
It is the perfect size for traveling and makes it easy to take your crystal gridding out into
nature, on your travels, or just to have near your bedside.

I have blessed and infused this piece with many things during and after the creation
process. I encourage you to add anything else you wish with your own ceremonies,
blessings and prayers. Our words and intentions are very powerful energies!
Everything is vibrational!
My hope is that this medicine art can provide through those hands that use it, any kind of
uplifting joy, enhanced spiritual experiences, awareness, raising vibrations, healing, and
most of all LOVE! Thank you for coming along on my journey with me!
Love and Blessings!!


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