"Cretan Labyrinth" -  Sun Catcher
Ceramic, Crystal, Copper & Gemstones

I love rainbows, lights, and prisms! I am not exaggerating, I have 33 crystal sun catchers in just
the three front room windows of my house (on the inside)! Haha! I have about 20 more otuside on
the front and back porch, and a few more hanging through out the house! I love waking up to
rainbow sparkles all over the floors and walls of the house! I have Eastern and Western facing
windows, so I get rainbows from the morning sun and the afternoon sun! It really is amazing!
I truly believe they are healing! They instantly bring a smile to my face, lighten the room, and lift
my heart , spirit, and soul! It is like the sun, sky and water dancing around together in the house.
Sparkly, glittery shimmers from all directions, I always want to join in on the rainbow dance, and
most mornings I do!

So give yourself some rainbows, or perhaps you know of someone that could use some happy
glittering shimmers in their life!?
A beautiful sun-catcher for your window, or garden area, or for some awesome energy in your
sacred space!

The beautiful symbol in this ceramic piece is the "Cretan" labyrinth. It is a very ancient symbol.
Labyrinths are different than mazes. A maze has a similar appearance with all the twists and
turns, but it also has dead ends. Where as a labyrinth has only one way in and the very same way
back out. One starts at the beginning of a labyrinth not to find the way out, or to be confused and
lost on dead ends... but to mindfully and purposefully take a journey to the center.
The labyrinth is a beautiful symbol of the true nature of our own inner journey!
When we get to the center we can contemplate and incorporate all that we have taken in. We will
have, most hopefully, also remembered and figured out who we are from this journey to center!
We can now take all of these experiences, wisdom, and true nature of ourselves and travel back
from the center to the opening of the labyrinth on the same path. However, this time, we go fully
equipped with all of the lessons and understandings we gained and we share this by lifting up and
loving all of those we come in contact with, who are also travelling on the paths of the labyrinth.

The entire length of the piece is about 17 and 1/2 inches long. It is filled with faceted crystals of all
kinds, semi-precious gemstones and glass beads. I used copper wire in the wire working, which
enhances the crystal energies. The Cretan medallion measures 3 and 1/8 inches across in
diameter. The large crystal at the bottom measures 1 and 5/8 inches across in diameter! It is a big
one and super faceted! You are gonna LOVE how many rainbows and prisms it creates!


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