Lampwork and Leather Medicine Bag and Healing Kit
"Cosmic Awakening"

This is a very spiritual offering, a sacred"healing kit" inside of my handmade medicine
bag. I have blessed and infused this medicine bag and kit with a prayer of love, peace,
healing, light, uplifting joy and spiritual awareness energies. I have also cleansed the
medicine bag and all of it's contents with a Lavender smudge ceremony as well as some
sound vibrations.
I have put a great deal of thought and ceremony into every aspect of this medicine bag
kit, with intentional creation. It is such a fulfilling process for me, both spiritually,
creatively, and healing.
I feel honored to be able to offer this creation and hope that you can feel and be blessed
with the pure love of our Creator as that love comes through this beautiful source through
my hands, to those that it would benefit in any way. Thank you!

The healing kit includes the following:

1. A glass vial filled with blessed essential oils which I have infused with a prayer of
healing so that it may magnify the properties of the specific oils.
The essential oil blend has the following oils:
Frankincense - for Spiritual Awareness, Meditation, Focus of Energy.
Lavender - for Healing, Consciousness, Love, Peace, Well Being, Creativity.
Sandalwood - for Calming, Harmony, Balance of Emotions, Meditation.
Wild Orange - for Calming, Uplifting Body and Mind.
Geranium - for Peace, Joy, Balance, Uplifting to the Soul and Spirit, Well Being, Hope.
The base carrier oil is coconut, which I used for the energies of cleansing and joy.
This oil can be worn on the skin if you do not have any allergies to these specific oils, or it
can be used in your own spiritual ceremonies of meditation and healing.
You can even add a small amount of the oil to your paintings or other artwork that would
be able to handle oils on them.

2. A glass vial filled with the sacred Red Sands from Sedona, Arizona.
I have preformed a Sun ceremony as well as a cleansing/smuding ceremony on this sand
and infused it with prayer for healing, uplifting joy, and specifically awareness on one's
own spiritual path and journey. It represents the sacred grounds we walk, on our dear
Mother Earth, but also the paths we follow for ourselves. I have blessed these sands that
they may aid in the energies of keeping our sacred paths true and full of love, may be
bless everything and everyone we come in contact with.

3. A double terminated Quartz crystal. I have blessed this crystal with sacred prayer and
also done a cleansing/smudging ceremony on it. I have infused the energies of clarity and
healing into this stone. However, you can cleans and set any of your own specific
intentions into this stone, this is called "programming" your stone. Quartz is a wonderful
stone for this, as it enhances our own thoughts and heart desires. Just cleanse the crystal
by smudging it with sage or lavender smoke, or you can also set it out in the moonlight or
sun, as well as cleansing it with running water, (these are just a few ideas among many
other cleansing techniques). Then simply hold the crystal in your hands and close to your
heart, speaking out loud the energies you wish for this crystal to magnify for your path
and journey.

4. A set of gemstones in the Chakra colors. You can leave the set on the copper spiraled
wire, or you can take them off to use them separately. I have blessed and infused this set
of stones with prayer and healing that they might magnify the specific qualities and
attributes of each stone. But I would suggest doing the same cleansing/programming
ceremony that I mention about the Quartz crystal.
These are the intentions and blessings I set into the stones:
Root Chakra - Garnet - Love, Compassion, Truth, Success.
Sacral Chakra - Carnelian - Energy, Strength, Protection.
Solar Plexus - Rutilated Quartz - Healing, Hope, Energy.
Heart Chakra - Green Aventurine - Creative Insight, Luck, Connection to Heart Chakra.
Throat Chakra - Turquoise - Healing, Protection, Wisdom, Connection to the Spirit World.
Third Eye Chakra - Sodalite - Inner Peace, Harmony, Communication, Confidence.
Crown Chakra - Amethyst - Protection, Spiritual Wisdom, Meditation, Healing.
Copper is also a great metal for enhancing energy.

5. I have also included two small pieces of Sage that you can use in your own spiritual
ceremonies for smudging/cleansing. Even though I have blessed, cleansed, and infused
with prayer, the medicine bag and it's contents, please feel free to cleanse them again for
yourself and to set the specific intentions you have for this healing kit.
The smudging ceremony is a Native American tradition that cleanses bad feelings and
negative spirits from homes, people, or objects, and sets positive intentions into them.
Smudging is done by burning specific dried herbs and letting the smoke float around the
home, person, or object. It is believed to cleanse as well as infuse with positive energy and
the rising smoke represents these prayers and intentions being lifted to the Creator.
How to smudge: Light the corner of one of the leaves of Sage, let it catch for just for a
moment, then you can wave the leaf around in the air to put out the flame. (It has been
said to not use your breath to blow out the flame just to show respect for the fire).
You can thank the Sage for offering itself for your cleansing/healing ceremony, and then
you can set your intentions, pray, or bless your home, a person, or any object by moving
the smoldering leaf around the area you wish to cleanse and bless.  Be careful to hold the
smoldering leaf over a small glass dish or an abalone shell so that the sparks do not fall
onto the skin or floor, and can be caught by the dish or shell. There really is no right or
wrong way to set intentions or prayers. Just follow your heart, it always knows best!

The bag is hand-stiched and made from soft golden deer skin leather. The actual bag  
measures 3 and 3/8 inches tall by 2 and 3/8 inches across at widest area. It has an
additional length of 3 and 3/4 inch tassels, making the total length of the bag 7 inches.
It has deer skin leather straps that can be tied and fitted to your own desired length. The
straps measure about 18 inches each on each side.

The medicine bag is hand designed by me and set with one of my handmade glass
cabochons. I made this cabochon to resemble our own beautiful spiral galaxy, the Milky
Way Galaxy. May our hearts always be filled with the wonderment, endless knowledge,
miracles,  and beauty it holds.

I did some bead work around the cabochon in colors of Bright Copper and Iridescent
Sapphire. Then surrounded that with a Lotus design which I hand burned into the leather.
Throughout many cultures over time, the Lotus has been a powerful image and a
spiritual symbol. In Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian religions, the lotus is considered a
sacred flower. Among it's many meanings and significance, the lotus is a symbol of
"spontaneous" generation, and so it also represents divine birth, spiritual
development and creation itself.

Some of my handmade glass beads are also included with the design, there are two beads
on one of the side straps, as well as one in the center.
There is also a Sterling Silver Leaf charm hanging from the center.
A single leaf is an ancient heraldic symbol that represents happiness.

Please feel free to add any of your own sacred items into the bag as well. I have only tried
to include a handful of things that I was inspired to include.
My hope is that this medicine bag and healing kit can provide through those hands that
use it, any kind of uplifting joy, enhanced spiritual experiences, awareness, raising
vibrations, healing, and most of all LOVE.
Love and Blessings!!


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