Set of 4 Blank Note Cards with envelopes
Fine Art Print - "As Above, So Below"

This is a set of 4 blank note cards with envelopes.
Photo prints of my original artwork titled "As Above, So Below", which was done on
canvas in acrylics.

Watermark is on digital image only for copyright purposes. Watermark will not appear on
actual note cards.

I created this piece with intention and a lot of symbolism:
The center is a drum, a heartbeat of Mother Earth, giving us her blessed vibrations for
healing. It is also has a Sacred Spiral, which represents a Sacred Journey.

Mother Earth's heart beat is surrounded with life...which is represented by both sun rays
which are also flower petals at the same time, giving us life and growth in every form.

Beyond that is the Medicine Wheel: White is for the North, the direction of our Elders,
the Winter, the Wind. Yellow is for the East, the direction of our Children, the Spring, and
Fire. Red is for the South, the direction of our Youth, Summer, and Earth. Black is the
direction of the West, the direction of our parents, the Fall, and Water.

There are two Eagle feathers surrounding the Medicine Wheel. A feather is a special gift
and is given to someone who has preformed a special act of love or honor. They represent
trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom.

The tree and roots are the representation of As Above, So Below.

The rainbow colors in the background represent happiness, positive outlook, blessings,
and being grateful.

Image is professionally printed on high standard card-stock with beautiful
and vibrant ink quality!
Image was photographed to represent original colors, but your monitor colors may vary
the colors slightly.

The note cards are invitation size, measuring approx. 5 and 1/2 inches by
4 and 1/4 inches. The envelopes are white.


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Closeup of print
*Watermark is only on digital picture for
copyright purposes. Watermark will not
appear on note cards.