Lampwork Bead Focal
Dreadlock Bead (large hole)  "Alice"

This bead is designed for wearing in your hair! It has a larger opening to allow for dreads, or even
small braids to fit comfortably! You can also use it for stringing onto multiple strands of fiber,
ribbon, and chain.

This mushroom design reminded me of Alice in  Wonderland, the magical world of shrinking and
growing and curiouser things!
Cobalt blue stem base with Turquoise top and Dark Yellow spots!

Bead measures 28.5mm from top to bottom and measures 25mm across widest part of mushroom
top and measures 10mm at most narrow part of stem. Hole measures 6.5mm,
or approx 1/4 of an inch.

This lampwork bead was handmade by me and has been properly kiln annealed.

Measurement shown in inches.
Close Up