Lampwork Bead Set - "Wolf and Raven"
(4 lampwork beads)

These beads felt very Native American to me, perhaps the colors of the four directions, White
(North), Yellow (East), Red (South), Black (West), with some added Blues and Turquoise. Because
Turquoise makes everything better, haha! It's my favorite color.
Each bead has unique marbled designs as well as a unique spiraled surface.

Yellow/Turquoise/Black Bead measures 22.6mm x 15.4mm. (hole measures 3.5mm).
Blue/Turquoise Bead measures 28.6mm x 16.2mm. (hole measures 4.5mm).
Ivory/White/Turquoise/Black Bead measures 25.8mm x 13.9mm. (hole measures 4.0mm).
Red/Turquoise/Black Bead measures 25.8mm x 13.8mm. (hole measures 4.0mm)

Beads were lovingly handmade by me and have been properly kiln annealed


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shown in inches
Close Up