Your own personalized
"Spirit Art" Photo - Digital Image (JPEG)

"Spirit Art" photos!! These are just some of the examples of what I can do.
I can make a "Spirit Art" photo special and just for YOU!
Spirit art photos are great for capturing the essence and aura of your SPIRIT!
You can use them to print and frame for yourself or for gifts (best if 4x6 print),
you can use them for your website, your avatar's on the forums you belong to,
business cards, etc.

After your purchase, I will just need you to email me a digital photo of yourself,
your pet,  or any other items you want in the artwork. Tell me your story, images
you like, and guides you are drawn to so that I can also select additional images to
incorporate into your spirit art photo and tell your story!
You will receive the final photo for approval in .jpeg format

Item #J-2248

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More examples of Spirit Art Photos