A second ceremony blessing and prayer at Montezuma's Well
First Blessing Ceremony in the Sacred Spring Water from Montezuma's Well
(each oil was blessed this way)
The Sacred Site of Montezuma's Well
(shown in inches)
Blessed and Infused- Essential Oil Blend - "Sedona Spirits"
15ml (4 drams) - Limited Edition

This is a beautiful smelling blend of essential oils that has been blessed and infused with sacred
ancient energy from sacred, spiritual places here in Arizona, along with being infused with
prayer, ceremony, and gemstone properties.  I only have a limited amount of this blend,
as I only made a total of 15 bottles.

I started with a blessing here in my home studio in Arizona. A small ceremony was done as I
mixed the oil blend and infused it with the properties of the essential oils, as well as the
properties and energies of each of the 11 stones that are placed inside of the bottle and the
copper wire on the bottle.

The base carrier oil is coconut, which I used for the energies of cleansing and joy.
Here is the list of the pure essential oils added and the energies they carry and were blessed to
infuse this blend with:
Frankincense - Spiritual Awareness, Meditation, Focus of Energy.
Lavender - Healing, Consciousness, Love, Peace, Well Being, Creativity.
Sandalwood - Calming, Harmony, Balance of Emotions, Meditation.
Wild Orange - Calming, Uplifting Body and Mind.
Geranium - Peace, Joy, Balance, Uplifting to the Soul and Spirit, Well Being, Hope.

The stones inside of the bottle carry certain properties and energies as well.
Here is the list of gemstones in the bottle:
Rose Quartz - Unconditional Universal Love, Inner Peace.
Garnet - Love, Compassion, Truth, Success.
Carnelian - Energy, Strength, Protection.
Rutilated Quartz - Healing, Hope, Energy.
Peridot - Lightness, Beauty, Purity, Connection to Mother Nature.
Green Aventurine - Creative Insight, Luck, Connection to Heart Chakra.
Aquamarine - Protection, Uplifting, Meditation, Peace, Serenity, Wisdom, Truth.
Turquoise - Healing, Protection, Wisdom, Connection to the Spirit World.
Sodalite - Inner Peace, Harmony, Communication, Confidence.
Amethyst - Protection, Spiritual Wisdom, Meditation, Healing.
Tigers-Eye - Insight, Luck, Protection, Spiritual, Meditation.

Copper - is a powerful conductor of energy and helps to enhance the energy of the oils and
gemstones. It is also a very healing metal which is mainly mined in Arizona, giving this oil blend
even more energies from the spirit of Arizona.

I traveled with these 15 bottles to Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is said to have the highest amount
of vortex energy in one given place, in the whole world.
The first place I took them was to Montezuma's Well. This is a very sacred and spiritual place
with very sacred and ancient waters.  I have included some photos of the ceremony, prayers
and blessings that were preformed on these oils at these sacred sites.
The Hohokam,  Hopi, Zuni, and Yavapai all recount stories of their ancestors living here and
some of them even have legends that their people were birthed from this sacred Sinote.
The well continues to give water to this day. A small spring comes out of the rocks just down
from the well and this is where I held a small ceremony. The Sinagua used the waters for
irrigation of their crops and the limestone canals are still there. These waters are held as very
sacred and are used in spiritual ceremonies. Many Natives make pilgrimages to Montezuma's
Well for this purpose. Because the waters have a high amount of carbon dioxide and arsenic I
did not want to mix any in with the oil blend, as I wanted this oil to be used in healing and
spiritual ceremonies, and able to be worn on the skin and body. Instead I blessed and held each
of the bottles under the flowing spring from Montezuma's Well water and infused each of the oil
blends through their bottle with the ancient and spiritual energies from this water and this
sacred site. (photo of me doing this with the bottles is shown below).
I also held a small ceremony near the water with incense and crystals to infuse the spirit of the
peoples and this beautiful and spiritual place into the oil blends.

The last place I took the bottles to was Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. Bell Rock is said to have
one of the strongest vortex areas in all of Sedona.
My husband and I had a beautiful early morning hike to an area about half way up the
mountain/rock. I did another small ceremony with crystals and some of the red rock from Bell
Rock itself, with each of the 15 bottles. (photo shown below).
I collected a tiny piece of Red Rock near the area where I did this ceremony and you will
receive an actual piece of the red rock from Bell Rock in Sedona with the purchase of a
"Sedona Spirit" essential oil blend.

Each of the bottles have been blessed, cleansed, infused, and had prayers and ceremonies done
with them at each of these sacred sites in Sedona, Arizona to help them to carry all of these
sacred, spiritual, and ancient energies. Along with the properties from the essential oils and
gemstones, they have some awesome and great energy! Perfect for your own blessing and
healing ceremonies, as well as wearing them just to soak in the energies and spirits of Sedona!

The bottle holds 15ml or 4 drams of "Sedona Spirits" essential oil blend along with the 11
gemstones inside.
The bottle measures 2 and 7/8 inches tall, or 72mm. It has a diameter of 3/4 of an inch or 20mm.
Each bottle has a beautiful wrapping made with hand-spun yarn with copper and colorful threads
and two harms, one with a sacred spiral vortex symbol which I hand stamped on to the copper
disc, and one with a piece of genuine Turquoise.

$22.00 each

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Third ceremony and blessing on Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona. This area is said to have
one of the strongest vortexes in Sedona.
I collected a small red rock from this area on Bell Rock in Sedona which you will also
get with the purchase of the limited edition "Sedona Spirit" essential oil blend.
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