Lampwork Bead Set - "Rainbow Woman"
(9 lampwork beads)

Beautiful colors of the rainbow over a Turquoise Sky.
(Story of the Rainbow Woman below photos).

Lentil beads measure approx. 18mm diameter each.
Spacer beads measure approx. 7mm by 10mm each.

Beads were wound on a 1/16" mandrel.
Beads were lovingly made by me in my home studio and properly kiln annealed. :)

shown in inches
Close Up

The story of Rainbow Woman (or Lady of the Rainbow):

The Lady of the Rainbow has a historical connection to a god found among the Tula, Maya, Toltec,
Olmec, and Aztec - IxChel. Representing benevolent, nurturing female energy.   
Stories of the Rainbow Woman are more than myths, they are parables relating to spiritual
experiences, miracles and moral standards of the day.
The behavior and extraordinary powers of the Rainbow Woman are beyond human expression.  She
taught the people how to love and live in peace.  She performed miracles and occasionally corrected
the people.
The Rainbow Woman/Lady of the Rainbow is not only a historical figure of olden myth, her spirit lives
at the sacred mountain.
Miracles of leaps in human consciousness have been witnessed over the course of many generations.
Through the power of God, healings come from the Rainbow Woman expressing herself in the water,
air, minerals and flora.
Many people in modern times reported seeing apparitions or spirits resembling the Rainbow Woman.
The Lady of the Rainbow is also said to be an indigenous manifestation of the Lady of All People,
Mary, Mother of God.