Lampwork and Leather Medicine Bag
Pocket Chakra - "Crystal Keeper"  - "Lotus Glow"

I love collecting things in nature and of my most favorite things to collect are
gemstones of all kinds! And here is a perfect way for you to do the same!
The perfect size to carry around in your purse or pocket! Carry around the stones of
the Chakra, or maybe your family birthstones?

I have stitched this medicine bag in soft supple deer-skin leather for a perfect fit to
hold the glass vial.
The glass vial measures approx. 1 and 13/16 inches tall, (or 42 millimeters) with the
lampwork cork stopper in place. It measures 7/16 inches wide, (or 11 millimeters),
and has an opening of approx. 5mm for your stone collecting.
I made a lovely intricate band around the top of the bottle with Polymer clay, which I
hand designed and hand painted. I also set an Amethyst stone into the design.

The lampwork bead on the stopper is one of my very own handmade beads. It is done
in gorgeous colors in Amethyst with hints of  Amber and Ivory. I use real silver and
gold to get these beautiful colors. The bead is encased with Crystal Clear that
enhances the colors and design below.
Bead measures approx. 8mm by 10mm.

All wire working and findings on the lampwork cork stopper are hand done by me in
Sterling silver. The stopper has a little Amethyst gemstone dangling freely inside of
the vial.

The leather pouch measures 1 and 5/8 inches tall by 3/4 of an inch wide.
I hand burned the Lotus design in the front of the bag.

I have started out the collection of stones for you in the Chakra colors:
Amethyst - (Purple) - Crown Chakra
Sodalite - (Indigo) - Third Eye Chakra
Amazonite - (Blue) - Throat Chakra
Adventurine - (Green) - Heart Chakra
Citrine - (Yellow) - Solar Plexus Chakra
Carnelian - (Orange) - Sacral Chakra
Garnet - Base Chakra
And Quartz Crystal - A strong talisman, some believe that clear quartz stones
channel metaphysical and cosmic energy.


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(shown in inches)
Close Up