Wooden Offering/Meditation Bowl - Blue Lotus

You can use this bowl for your offerings or for meditations.
When I wake up each morning, I  love putting my favorite stones that
appeal to me that day in the bowl so that I can have them near me at my
work station or desk to have their energy near by. I do the same thing at
night, putting stones, or small mementos in the bowl near my bedside, for
mediation, healing, or for remembering.

I hand burned the Lotus Mandala design into the bowl.
There is a center Lotus with 8 petals,  8 leaves, and 8 Agave plants in the
design. The Agave plant is a sacred symbol in many of the Native
American cultures and was even used for clan symbols in several cultures.
This plant was special not only a food source, but also for roofing, clothes,
ropes, paper and for drinks such as Pulque. Pulque was originally a sacred
drink associated with the Maguey (Agave) Aztec Goddess Mayahuel.

A beautiful hand made Dichroic cabochon is set into the center of the
Lotus. The cabochon is a beautiful, sparkling, Cobalt Blue.
There are 16 Turquoise stones set into the design as well.
Turquoise: Is a stone of protection, good fortune, friendship, peace,
healing, wisdom. Turquoise also represents the Throat Chakra with the
attributes of: ability to verbalize, expressing truth through power of the
spoken word. Turquoise is one of the oldest amulets, and was also known
as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. If given a turquoise by a
loving friend, that stone would protect the wearer from negative energy. It
also brings peace to the home. Turquoise carries great wisdom of
basic truth within it.

Throughout many cultures over time, the Lotus has been a
powerful image and a spiritual symbol. In Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian
religions, the lotus is considered a sacred flower.
Among it's many meanings and significance, the lotus is a symbol of
"spontaneous" generation, and so it also represents divine birth, spiritual
development and creation itself.

This is a natural wood bowl that I found at a thrift shop which I have
lovingly re-purposed, so there is a little wear on the bowl, but no cracks or
major imperfections. There is a finish on the bowl, but to be on the safer
side I would not put liquids inside of the bowl, as water expands wood most
of the time.
*Loose Quartz Crystals shown in some of the photos are not included with
the bowl and only used for photography purposes.

The bowl measures 5 and 15/16 inches in diameter
and stands 1 and 3/4 inches high.


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