My husband and I love creating! Most weekends we have something up our sleeves! His form of art is food and he is
such a fabulous gourmet chef! I tend to do more artsy things, but we share and collaborate together on everything!
Many times I am creating in the background even when I do not have new things to post for sale on the website.
This page is dedicated to our creative and sometimes crazy ideas that we hatch together, our projects that we do that
are not necessarily going to be put up for sale, but that are art just the same!
And what is LIFE, but a big giant canvas to paint the art from our hearts on?!!!
A lot of my projects these days are with
ceramics because I have found a
wonderful art center nearby that offers
ceramics classes!
I have made such good friends down at
the Willamette Art Center in Salem, OR.
And I LOVE to create with clay!

To the left is a colorful Hand of Hamsa
incense burner that I made for our
house. It can hold incense sticks or
cones. I always have incense burning so
this was a nice addition for the home!

To the right is a cool Rhubarb leaf
platter that I made in ceramics class! We
took actual leaves and pressed them into
the clay to get the design and patterns
from the veins in the leaves! What a fun
and simple project with gorgeous results!
I have the faintest idea what I will do
with it yet, but I love it!
This project was truly a labor of love! It took me almost one whole semester to complete it.
Each of the tentacles had to be fired in a special way to get the glaze to be on all sides and
not to stick to the kiln shelves. There are 38 dangles in all, filled with ceramic legs, sparkly
beads, glass drops, and crystals of all kinds!
It has the most magical glass tinkling sound!
We have it placed in our home with a vortex style moving light shining on it with blue and
green colors, it makes it look like it is moving through the ocean!
A fun little project that my husband
collaborated with me on!
A UFO crystal lamp!
I had a dream that he and I were
exploring the galaxies and
planetary systems in our own
personal space ship! So he said I
HAD to make it in my ceramics
class!  So I did!
He even helped me with some work
on the legs and detail work on the
We lit the inside up with one of the
lights for salt lamps! The top can
hold all kinds of crystals and they
are interchangeable!
With a personal inscription on the
"Exploring Galaxies Together
Forever - J&J Enterprise"
(which is what we call anything we
do together, and a reference to
Starship "Enterprise"
of course,  haha)
Dessert bowls I made for my husband and myself!
Fit for a mermaid and her Pirate! Hehe!

Joseph says he wants a full set of dishes for us to
use.... yahhhh  that might take awhile!
My husband and I go on many adventures on his bike!
He wanted me to make him a little bell to hang on the
bike which is a tradition for bikers to do.
So I made up some pretty sparkly beads to attach to
the bell that hangs from the bike we ride!
I got some round canvas and spent most of my birthday weekend painting this sea turtle design, which has a very cool story behind it!
It is an ancient Chinese story, but the Native Americans also share a similar view point on how the Earth was created.  (I incorporated the moon phases
and the four elements in my painting along with the stacked sea turtles,  Earth in the center, then wind, water, and fire going out). Here is the story:
There was once a man who decided to go on a journey to find the secrets of the Universe. In a far off temple he found a wise man that told him some
beautiful things, and told him that the earth sits on the back of a turtle. The man thought about this and then asked the wise man, well then what does
this turtle sit on? The wise says to the man "Ahhhh you are very perceptive, this turtle sits on yet another greater turtle". The man again asks... ok, so
then what does THAT turtle sit on? The wiseman says to the man "Ahhhh you are very perceptive, that greater turtle, sits on yet a greater turtle". The
man starts to ask again... and the wise man interrupts him and says "It is no use asking again....
it is turtles ALL THE WAY DOWN"
I have even painted other paintings that I have yet to photograph properly and it is definitely on my to do list to have them available in prints and
notecards soon! Including this Turtle one and two others I have painted that I have named "Rainbow Warrior" and "Chakra Lotus".
(photos below). All the paintings are acrylic on canvas.