The "Message in a Bottle" idea was hatched in part by my amazing husband Joseph, and in part from the
"Finders Keepers" program in Lincoln City, OR.
We were gifted with one of the beautiful glass floats from "Finders Keepers" in such a unique and special way, we
were so grateful and touched! We had been at the coast, near our favorite beach in Lincoln City, right next to where
we were married. We had gone to the ocean that day to honor the passing and celebrate the life of our beloved fur
baby Lakota Blue, who had just passed away that weekend.
As we were down in the surf playing and trying to remember all the good times and drying our tears, a "float fairy"
secretly left us a float on our beach blanket and we found it later when we returned to our things. It was such a
special gift on that particular day, and it even felt like a message from Lakota! A message to keep on being happy,
keep on loving and living, and that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!
We are all here to lift each other and to share the LOVE!

My husband had the idea for us to leave our own little treasures for people to find....
This is all about sharing the LOVE forward!
Being an artist myself, I wanted to share a piece of my own heart and artwork,
so the little bottles that I make seemed a perfect way to do this! Especially that we can leave a tiny little messagen
about LOVE inside of each one!
My husband and I LOVE having this tradition together and we intend to hide lots of them!!
We feel like two little kids searching to find magical places to leave the bottles on our adventures and we hope they
will bring a SMILE, and some LOVE and SPARKLE to the person who finds it!

The "Message In A Bottles" are hand created by us in our home art/glass studio, here in Salem, Oregon. We make
bottles from glass and clay. Each one is done with such excitement and love, wondering who the finder will be!
We take bottles to hide at all of the places we go exploring and adventuring, which is usually along the coast in
Oregon, the mountains, lakes and rivers around Oregon, and there will also be some left in Arizona,
when we go back for our visits!

We made this page to share our "Message In A Bottle" adventures and to share the stories that the Finders may
share with us! We also found some cute plastic animals to photo-bomb the bottles in our photo clues, just for some
extra fun! Haha! I did mention we are like 2 little kids! We don't leave the animals, just the bottle, so the animals can
help us with future posts! :)

If you want to find one of our bottles for yourself, feel free to follow us on
Facebook: Beadworx. Or Instagram: beadworx_com
We leave photographs and clues on where to look for them after we have placed them!
With much LOVE from US to YOU! Sharing and Spreading the LOVE! Happy Hunting!!

Weekend of April 6-7, 2019. Bottle #1
Our very first "Message In A Bottle" was left on the same beach that we "found" our float.
Near the Sand Castle Motel, in Lincoln City, near public beach access #47. We left the bottle
somewhat hidden under the cement arches below  the "Joe the Seal" statue.  We absolutely
had to hide the first one here at this beach, as it is the very beach we were married on!
A perfect way to launch "Message In A Bottle"

FOUND: This bottle was found by Sue, who left this message:
"Hi there!! I found the beautiful little orb above with the message “Love Simply Is!”. I couldn’t
believe my luck as it was in plain sight; yet so many people passed by it. I guess it was meant
for us to find ❤. Thank you"

Weekend of April 13-14, 2019. Bottle #2
We were back at the coast , going to pick up some glass floats we had
made in Newport the prior week and decided to make a weekend of it!.
We stayed at the Seagull Motel, near 15th street. Lincoln City, Oregon
Coast. Public Beach access #44. We hid a bottle down on the beach in
the rocks on the cliff side.
We have not heard from the finder yet, but we did hear from one of our
Instagram followers who went to look for it, that it was no longer at in the
spot we left it. Hope to hear from the finder eventually!
Happy Hunting!

Weekend of April 13-14, 2019. Bottle #3
Exploring Gleneden beach along the Oregon Coast, near Lincoln City.
We placed a bottle on the trail down to the beach!
We have not heard from the finder yet! Happy Hunting!!

Weekend of April 13-14, 2019. Bottle #4
Visiting Fogarty Beach,  Oregon Coast, near Lincoln City. One of our most favorite beaches!
We placed a bottle in the rocks near the entrance of the beach.

FOUND: The cutest family (Emily and William) were trying to find one of our bottles this
weekend, via our Instragram page hints. They finally found the last bottle we placed this
weekend! We were so happy they did, and guess what? They were so excited to find one, they
left us a little treasure in return! How sweet was that!!?? They messaged us on Instagram that
they had found our bottle and for us to go back and find a treasure for us! They left us a most
gorgeous marble from one of their favorite marble artists: Tom of Schodtglass. What a happy
surprise! And a perfect ending to another perfect weekend!
We LOVE the LOVE being shared!

(Photos are posted in order of the most current first, then following in order backwards to the beginning!)

Weekend of April 27-28, 2019. Bottle #5
We left another "Message In A Bottle" at Rainbow Lake this weekend, near Idanha,
just past Detroit Lake, in Oregon!
We had the whole lake and mountain side to ourselves for a lovely weekend of camping,
dirt biking and kayaking!
There was a most magical area on the lake near the far shore that was truly a Fairyland! Looked like little fairy
houses in the logs sticking out of the water! One of the largest ones looked like a whole magical fairy summer lodge!
The season hadn't started so the fairies weren't there yet, so we decided we could hide it there! We hid it on one of
the lower decks of the fairy summer lodge, in a nest of moss! Took several pictures for the clues! You will need a
kayak, raft, or a good pair of chest waders to get to this one! We hope someone finds it before the
Fairy Folk claim it for themselves! Happy Hunting!

May 1, 2019
Guess what we are doing this weekend???
I made some more "Message In A Bottle's" this week!
Stay tuned for photo hints and clues for when and where we will be hiding them!!!
Spreading the LOVE!!!
Be sure to follow us for clues on our Facebook page: Beadworx
and on Instagram: beadworx_com

May 3, 2019 - Bottle #6
We hid another "Message In A Bottle" in Lincoln City today. We came to the coast for the weekend and stayed at
our favorite spot where we got married!
We took an afternoon walk towards Siletz Bay and found the perfect hiding spot up in the rocks above the shore line.
The bottle is South of Joe the Seal. If you pass the pump station you've gone too far!
Spreading the LOVE!!! Happy Hunting!

May 4, 2019 - Bottle #7
We took the kayak out on Siletz Bay and hid another "Message In A Bottle" in Lincoln City.
We went out to the three large rocks in the bay and found a great hiding spot!
The first big rock has a pair of geese and their nest of 6 eggs, so be careful there!
Look on the third rock from the bridge... it's there for someone!
Spreading the LOVE!!! Happy Hunting!

May 5, 2019 - Bottle #8
We took the kayak to the Salmon River this weekend! We hid another "Message In A Bottle" on the gorgeous
beach there.
The photos will be the clues for this one!
Spreading the LOVE!!! Happy Hunting!

Do you want to find one of our "Message In A Bottles" but we are not hiding them in your area?
We would LOVE for one of our bottles to be hidden in your area too!
We offer a "Have & Hide" program that you can apply for!
This is how it works. We will send you 2 bottles, 1 bottle to HAVE for yourself AND 1 bottle for
YOU to HIDE for us in your area or at a place you may be travelling to!
Send us an email with the subject "Message In A Bottle". Tell us a bit about yourself and where
you want to hide the second bottle for us. Share with us a message of LOVE that we can post on
our website to share with everyone, as this whole "Message In A Bottle" adventure is about
Spreading the LOVE!
If your application is chosen we will send you the two bottles! (1 for you to keep and 1 for you to
hide for us)! The bottles will come to you completely ready to hide with a LOVE message inside
already. So all you have to do is hide the bottle and send us some great pictures of you doing that
along with a few clues about where it is hidden. Then we can share the pictures and clues with our
followers on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!
Helps Us Spread the LOVE!

May 26, 2019 - Bottle #9
Spent a gorgeous day up near Hebo, OR. We had not seen such clear and
blue skies this way ever. We could see all the way to the coast on this
overlook right near Mt. Hebo View Point! (On the adjacent vista that we
have named J&J View Point). There is a lone stump at the crest of the can find one of our bottles in a little mossy nook of a nest facing
the ocean side of the tree stump!
Spreading the LOVE!!! Happy Hunting!

Jun. 1-2, 2019 - Bottle #10
Hi Friends!! We hid another "Message In A Bottle" this weekend! Come and find it!!!
We hid it on the walking bridge at the Creekside City Park in Sisters, OR! What a gorgeous little city that is!
We took a spontaneous little trip on our bike over the mountains and spent the weekend there! We met some super
cool people and really enjoyed the artsy atmosphere there!
#beadworx_com  #Spreading the LOVE!!!
Happy Hunting!

June 16th, 2019 - Bottle #11
Hi Friends!! We hid another "Message In A
Bottle" this weekend! Come and find it!!!
We hid this one at Daly Lake on Father's
Day. Daly Lake is one of the beautiful lakes
past Detroit Lake near the town Idanha, in
Oregon. There is a very tiny hike to the
lake! You will need a kayak to reach the
bottle, or just very thick skin to take a swim
in the cold water! It is attached to a fallen
log, very close to shore! The log looks like a
big whale in the water, and the branch we
attached the bag to looked like it's big
dorsal fin, and even looked to be a double
heart naturally in the wood!!

Happy Hunting! Spreading the Love!!

June 29, 2019 - Bottle #12
Come and find another
"Message In A Bottle"!
We went camping this weekend and
hid another bottle! Just past the town
of Detroit and Idanha in Oregon are
some gorgeous mountains with several
lakes all in a row!
Riggs Lake Trail #3388.
About a mile or so hike in, through
some magical overgrown forest with
wild flowers! Once you get to the lake,
follow the trail back around to the
right, towards the backside and find
the creek that spills into the lake.
Cross the log and find the little
waterfall. You will find the bottle in a
little nest of moss in plain open view of
the little waterfall!

Happy Hunting! Spreading the Love!!

July 7th, 2019 - Bottle #14
Come and find another
"Message In A Bottle"!
We went camping over the 4th of July
weekend and hid another bottle!
Past Three Pools, Oregon there is
some beautiful waterfalls!
This is Sullivan Waterfall. This place
is magic and has 7 consecutive
waterfalls going up, we hiked it all the
way to the top last summer! This time
we just enjoyed the scenery and hid
one of our bottles!
As you are looking straight at the
waterfall, there are some cool stumps
with tangled roots to the left of the
falls. Look at the top of the moss
covered stumps and you will find the

Happy Hunting! Spreading the Love!!

July 6th, 2019 - Bottle #13
Come and find another
"Message In A Bottle"!
We went camping over the 4th of July
weekend and hid another bottle!
Detroit State Park, Oregon.
There is a bridge over the lake where
it meets Tumble Creek. A beautiful
trail goes back into Tumble Lake. It is
a 10 mile round trip to Tumble Lake,
but don't worry, we hid the bottle only
about 1/2 mile into the trail! An easy
Just keep your eye open along the
trail next to the creek side. We hid it
on top of a moss covered tree stump in
plain sight for you to find!!!

Happy Hunting! Spreading the Love!!

July 14th, 2019 - Bottle #15
Come and find another

"Message In A Bottle"!
Cascade Head, Three Rocks,

Lincoln City, Oregon Coast!
You will need a kayak or boat to

get to this one!
If you follow the Salmon river around to
the opening of the ocean there is the
cutest little beach to your right.

This marker is located near the
beach/rock area there. Look in the taller
tree stumps on that beach
, specifically
one with a rock on top
and you will find it!

Happy Hunting! Spreading the Love!!

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