Polymer Clay and Crystal Gemstone Sun -Catcher
"Labyrinth Lotus"

A beautiful piece perfect for your sacred space, altar area, window, or anywhere that you want to
bring some rainbow energy!

This design is the Chartres Labyrinth with a border of Lotus petals.
The Chartes Labyrinth is a sacred symbolism of Divine Connection between Mary and
Jesus, the Sacred Marriage, the feminine and masculine, the Hieros Gamos - the ultimate
alchemy of forces which harmonize polar opposites.
The labyrinth itself is a strong message of inner knowing. Labyrinths are different then
mazes. Mazes have wrong turns, dead ends and confusion. Labyrinths have only one way
in and one way out, which is the same path. No confusion, no misleading. As one walks
into the center they can connect to Divine Source through prayer. In the center you can align your
thoughts and mind to your higher self,  God, Goddess, you can
receive divine and personal revelations! As you walk out of the center, back the
same way you came, you can ponder these intuitions, answered prayers, and inner
knowing and as you go back out of the labyrinth into the world, you can bring this
knowledge to the Earth and your personal journey.

The border is done in Lotus petals. Throughout many cultures over time, the Lotus has been a
powerful image and a spiritual symbol. In Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian religions, the lotus is
considered a sacred flower. Among it's many meanings and significance, the lotus is a symbol of
"spontaneous" generation, and so it also represents divine birth, spiritual
development and creation itself.

I handmade this Labyrinth Lotus clay piece with a brown polymer clay and then hand painted the
design in the rainbow colors of the Chakra:
(The backside is also hand-painted by me in a colorful design).
Violet = Crown Chakra- Personal identification with Infinite.
Oneness with God. Peace. Wisdom.
Indigo =  Third Eye Chakra- Clearing subconscious to channel intuition. Balanced state of mind.
See divine perfection in all things. Devotion.
Blue = Throat Chakra- Ability to verbalize. Expressing truth through power of the spoken word.
Green = Heart Chakra- Release emotionally suppressed trauma.
Soul/Heart consciousness. Expressing love in action.
Yellow = Solar Plexus Chakra- Assimilation experience. Digestion.
Positive use of personal power. Manifest goals.
Orange =  Sacral Chakra- Utilization of creative forces into all  aspects of being.
High soul procreation. Direct self toward devotion.
Red = Base/Root Chakra - Ground spirit forces in body. Gain ability to work
lovingly on the physical plane.

The clay piece itself measures approx. 3 and 1/2 inches in diameter and about 5mm thick.
The clay is polymer clay with a clear coat finish to seal in the hand-painted design.
This is an indoor piece and should not be exposed to wet weather.

The entire piece measures just slightly over 20 inches long.

The sun-catcher is filled with gorgeous crystals and gemstones, including:
Turquoise, Carnelian, Coral, Dyed Jade, and Agate. It has a huge faceted crystal at the bottom as
well as large faceted crystals throughout the design.


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(shown in inches)
Front side/Back side