December 2016

Every year my father loves to dress up as Santa and spread some Christmas Magic!
My twin sister and I go along to be "Santa's little helpers".
My Dad is such a kid at heart and finds such joy in brining smiles to the children!
He goes and buys hundreds of candy canes to hand out.
He never asks for money, refuses to take donations, he just LOVES to spread the joy and cheer!

We love seeing all the smiles, the laughter and joy from the children and even the parents as they see their
children having so much fun!

This time of year it seems that everyone is a little bit kinder, a little bit more patient, a little bit more loving!
I wish every season was like this! I sure do love Christmastime and getting to enjoy this tradition with my dad!
Several groups of teenagers came running to see
Santa. Apparently there was a huge scavenger hunt
and a photo with Santa was on the list! Haha!
Santa's twin daughter helpers.
Christmas Magic Reindeer Goddesses! Hehe
Are you on Santa's Good List??
Father Christmas!
Santa probably visited with at least 400+ kids before the day
ended! It was so fun to share in the children's excitement and
even seeing the big smiles on the parents faces as they got joy
from their kids happiness! We loved being a part of the magic!
My dad got us reindeer antlers to add to
our costumes this year! Hehe
Trying to keep my nose warm!
Me and my Dad, or I mean Santa!
Prescott, is the Christmas city of Arizona!
So it is the perfect place for Santa to visit!
Downtown around the court house is always full of families and shoppers!
It was such a fun time getting to spread Christmas cheer this year!
Santa has left the building!