April 2016

I am so blessed to live near this place! This is the Salt River, here in Arizona!
We have so many memories growing up here, coming with our parents to the river as children, then having
campfires with our friends in high school, to eventually brining our own kids here to enjoy it! And now soon, my
grandbabies will accompany here!
Do you have a place like this near you?

I got to enjoy a wonderful weekend with my twin sister and our father, another one of our "soul sister" retreats!

We spent time shopping for books, crystals, and incense. We spent two whole days at the river, reading, singing,
building campfires, crafting, eating junk food, and swimming in the freezing cold waters!
We cleansed all of our new crystals too! Great memories with the family!
We enjoyed all the elements out in nature, earth, wind, water and fire! :)

We built a little shell mandala, it was a perfect place to burn some of our new incense!
We took some easy crafting projects with us to the river so we
could enjoy some creative time by the running water.
We made these little elephants. I made mine with a tribal African
feel. I also mixed in some nature material, such as shells, dried
leaves and flowers into the stuffing, to keep the memories inside :)

Jennifer and I also made these matching necklaces. Amethyst,
Agate, Glass Crystal and Copper.
We cleansed and charged all of our new crystals in the running river water. It was a beautiful and
gorgeous day for some crystal washing!