October 2015 - Sedona

Do you have a place in the world that just feels like HOME to you?
Like every single aspect of it is so familiar to you, that you can breathe more fully when you
are there, that you are supported by Mother Earth there? That you even visit in your dreams?
There are a handful of places like this for me in the world, and Sedona, Arizona is the top one
for me. I am so thankful that I live just a short 2 hour drive from this home away from home!
I honestly can feel tingling and energy in my bones and in my soul as I round the corner on the
road and can finally see the red rocks and dirt.

I believe that we choose to be born in certain places and at certain times because we have
such connections to these areas. We are so drawn to them, because they are familiar to our
spirits, and this is why they feel so much like home. Our physical bodies vibrate with this
familiar energy when we are in these special places!

I got to enjoy a wonderful weekend with my twin sister, our father, and another good friend of
mine. We went to attend a rock show in Sedona and spent some time at Oak Creek as well as
the vortex area of Bell Rock. It was relaxing, rejuvenating, magical, and as always I did not
want to leave!
We spent a beautiful sunny morning at the rock show and a few art festivals.
I found some new crystal babies that had to come home with me :)
We took our new crystal babies to Oak Creek and gave them a wonderful dip in the
running waters to cleanse them and then took them up in the vortex area of Bell
Rock to charge them with beautiful vortex energy!
Whenever I attend a rock show, it can get quite
overwhelming to see and touch and hold all the
beautiful rocks and feel their energy. So many
beauties, I want them all! haha! Which one should I
get!?? So I always give intention that I will find
THE one crystal or rock that is meant to come into
my life at this time so that I can work with the
energies it has to bring.
This was THE crystal that was meant for me.
An awesome large Lodalite crystal, or "Shaman
Stone". It has such gorgeous inclusions and of
course the red color inside, reflecting up from the
inside of the rock base reminded me and spoke to
me of Sedona! I love it! And now, I am waiting for
it to share it's name with me :)
We stayed up on Bell Rock until the sun set. As the last bit of sun was shedding it's
skin to the night...it truly lit up the canyons!
It felt magical and as we walked back along the path to head home.
It was so hard for me to leave, but I know I will be back soon, so I gave the mountain
a kiss until next time!
This crystal also had a special energy to bring to
me. I was lucky enough to find a great vendor that
I did some trading with for this gorgeous piece for
some of my artwork.
This is a Skeletal or Elestial Smokey Quartz. It has
such deep smoky coloring, it feels so magical!
All of my new crystal babies soaking in the
vortex energy of Sedona/