April 2015 - Garden Musings

I love the very first part of the day. I slink out of bed, still in my pajamas and feeling a bit
dreamy, put some flip flops on and head outside to my backyard gardens.
I do a slow walk around our gardens, which I have titled my "watering walk".
I am just waking up and I love the feeling of the sun on my face and the mists of water swirling
all around me as I water our little space here on Mother Earth!

I water each of our plants/trees/flowers and chat with them and wish them good morning.
I bless and thank the water for it's nourishment to all of us, and I bless and greet each plant as
they have their turn being watered. I infuse the water with love, light, and rainbows and I can
sure feel the added energy misting off from the water onto the plants and myself!
I have named almost all of our trees and plants out back now, and I have to say it has added
such a feeling of peace and serenity to our gardens. It feels like our own little Garden of Eden,
which is exactly why I decided to name our whole home and plot of land just that!
I have created some beautiful wind-chimes and added some statues, prayer flags, rocks and
crystals to bring even more energy and art to this living space.

I have a red-throated humming bird that visits me each morning too, she almost always times
her visit to when I get toward the side yard where are biggest orange tree is growing and she
loves to take a bath in the water that showers down. She will get so close to me and it feels
like a little faery is coming to greet me each morning. It feels like such a special little gift!

It is a most splendid way to wake up and start my day, plus my fur baby Lakota loves to enjoy
our "watering walk" with me too.
I sure do love spring-time and feeling and soaking in the energy from our Mother Earth!! :)