April 2015 - We Are Beauty!

I have been taking some time to spend with family and friends, and also just spending some
time pampering myself to some "Me" time.
It has been wonderful and I highly recommend it!

I spent a week in Tucson with my Step-mom just to have some "girl" time. I have been
spending more time out in nature. I have been doing even small things through-out my day to
treat myself, like salt water baths, reading a good book, splurging for some hand-made lip
balm, walking around outside barefoot - "Earthing", playing good music, dancing around the
house when the urge comes on, you get the idea! :)
My "Me" time always includes being creative too...of course! It is what truly makes my heart
I was already a care-free, kind of free-spirit soul, but this "new" me that is emerging feels
even more alive and more creative, and more in touch with myself then I ever thought possible!

Honestly, I don't know if it is because another birthday is just around the corner, (gonna be 44
in just under two months), or if it is because I have been pondering more as I get older,
reading more, expanding more, questioning more what my purpose in life is, or some grand
cosmic paradigm shift??.......
But I have come to the conclusion that life is BEAUTIFUL!
You are beauty, I am beauty, WE are beauty! Our Mother Earth is such a beauty!
And I feel so fulfilled by bringing art into any part of that beauty!! If my art touches even one
person, I will feel even more awesome and more beautiful!
Sometimes I get this feeling of guilt, being able to be an artist full time, being able to let my
heart and passion be what I get to do for a living..it doesn't feel like "work", hence the "guilt"
feeling. But last night as I lay pondering about this, about what purpose was I really here
for???....It was like a bolt of awakening hit me, WHAT IF that is my purpose, to help myself,
and even just one person more.....to feel, to see, to experience, or to re-member beauty! It
made me smile at the thought of it, it made me laugh at the simplicity of it, it made me cry at
the beauty of it. "YES!!" I said!

So here I am today full of beauty..recognizing the beauty around me, recognizing the beauty in
you, filling my soul up with beauty, letting it spill over everything!!
Finding beauty in doing the laundry, appreciating all that I have, all my freedoms, all my
luxuries, all my gifts.
Truly feeling so blessed and just wanting to pass this electricity on to YOU! :)

Honestly, if I could I would give away all of my art that I create for free...to whom ever would
appreciate it, to whom ever needed it, to whom ever it touched, that is what would truly make
my soul shine the strongest!! One day I hope I can be at that point in my life,  but alas, I have
to pay bills like we all do. However, I hope even though I charge for my artwork to cover my
expenses of creating and being able to make a bit of a living with it.... I so hope above all, that
you can feel the love I pour into my creations, the beauty I feel for all life, for all creation...and
hope that this beauty will bring more beauty into your life because