March 2014

There is just something about being in nature that allows me to breathe and connect and root back
into our Mother Earth for inspiration and a feeling of belonging!
Sedona, Arizona is one of my favorite places to do this, so I travel there quite frequently with both
my husband and my twin sister.
This time my sister and I decided to camp out for a week and explore the red rocks in Sedona, despite
the fact that we had a cold streak ( in all this heat we have been having), sure enough on the very
days we planned to camp out, haha. We went anyways, and just bundled up and stayed pretty warm
for the most part! hehe.
We enjoyed hiking, cooking over the campfire, sleeping under the stars, checking out some art
supply stores and crystal shops, walking the Chartres labyrinth, exploring the Chapel in the Rock,
and spending some time on top of Bell Rock, one of Sedona's famous vortex sites. We even treated
ourselves to some Thai food on our way back home, yum!
I left with lots of new ideas, energy,  and inspiration for my artwork!
We hiked up onto Bell Rock as the sun was setting over
Sedona. This was the view we were treated to! I could just
breathe it all in! Gorgeous!!!
We made this "Ohm" symbol with the red rocks on one of the
plateaus up on Bell Rock.
The vibration created when saying the word "Ohm" symbolizes
the vibration of the universe.
A view of the top of Bell Rock.
Another shot of a beautiful sunset over Sedona :)