"Prayers from the Soul" (7-25-13)

Recently I have obtained a Native American style Buffalo drum. I love it. Quite serendipitously I was
at one of my favorite used book shops and I found a book laying there called "Sacred Drumming", I
was meant to find that book! I read it all in two days, it was wonderful! It covered the back ground
and origin of the Native American drum, how to make your own, how to care for your own drum, how
to play it, how to celebrate with it, how to dedicate it,  and my FAVORITE...how to use it to make
your praying more meaningful!!!

I had never thought about praying this way, (with music), ever in my life. And I got to thinking, how
much I love music, but how much more so then does our Creator love it........ who created the
music!?! I have been trying to incorporate this more into some of my praying each day, I especially
love doing it in the mornings when the house is quiet and I can drum softly on my drum, or play my
Native American flute and actually say a prayer with the music or even dedicate the music Him.

I got to talking with others about this and someone shared and suggested that we can do this with any
form of artistic expression, whether it be music we are playing or a picture we are painting, or
anything really, that we are doing for the day...make it a prayer to Him, dedicate it to Him. I have
read in the scriptures to always have a prayer inside of us, and often wondered and even struggled on
how to do this throughout the day...beyond our normal daily prayers. What a perfect way to be able to
do this! What a perfect way to show gratitude and tell and give Him thanks! Prayers from the soul
with the talents He has bestowed upon us! Gifts back to our Heavenly Father who gives us everything!