""You are powerful" (4-3-13)

I feel like we forget who we are so easily and so quickly, and so often.
We truly are divine spirits, daughters and sons of a Heavenly Father.
Remembering this every day, and acting on that knowledge opens our lives to so
many blessings and miracles, especially when we have our eyes open and we are
looking for them! :)

I wanted to share a few quotes from another great book I am reading by
Marianne Williamson, "The Age of Miracles".....

"Our very cells respond to the thoughts we think - with every word, silent or
spoken, we participate in the body's functioning. We participate in the
functioning of the universe itself. If our consciousness grows lighter, then so does
everything within and around us. This means of course, that with every thought,
you can start to re-create your life."

"The eternal self dwells in eternity, and eternity intersects linear time at only
one point: the present. Who you are in this moment, therefore, is who you truly
are. And who you are is love itself. From that essential point of perfect being,
created anew by God every instant, miracles flow naturally. Love interrupts the
past and opens the future to new probabilities. No matter who you are, no matter
how old you are, in the present, all things are possible."