"Our Path" (12-17-12)

Each day we are faced with decisions, sometimes struggles, sometimes happiness,
sometimes sadness. But each new day is a beginning, not and end.
We can choose to live in our past and dwell on our hurts, we can even project
things into the future to worry about negativity that hasn't even happened, only
in our imaginations.

With wisdom and growing, we learn that what we do today, how we act today, how
we think today, how we forgive today, how we love today........
is the only thing that matters.

I would like to share some wise words from Marianne Williamson and her book
"A Return To Love"
"We embark upon an endless search for what we cannot find - one person, one
circumstance that holds the key to Heaven. But Heaven is within us.
It has nothing ultimately to do with the thoughts of someone else, and everything
to do with what we choose to think ourselves, not just about one person, but about
all people. So forgiveness of mankind, of everyone in every circumstance, is our
ticket to Heaven, our only way home.
Our goal is God. Nothing short of that goal will bring us joy.
And it is joy to which we are entitled.