"A Beautiful Life" (11-14-12)

And it is a beautiful morning!
It is chilly, but I love it! We can finally feel the start of fall here in Arizona.
It is wonderful to be able to wake up and smell the cold! That smell always
reminds me of the holidays, and family, and in particular my grandparents, both
sets, whom have passed away.
I always miss them, but so much more during the holiday season.
Their memories put a smile on my face and they started my day out with beauty
this morning!

Some more thoughts and words from Marianne Williamson today, from her book
"A Return To Love"

"There is no light more bright than the light that shines within us. Whether or not
we see that light is irrelevant. It's there because God placed it there.
It is not only our right, but in a way, our responsibility to be happy. God doesn't
provide any of us with happiness that is only meant for us alone. When God sends
us happiness, He does so in order that we might then stand up more fully in the
world on His behalf. Happiness is a sign that we have accepted God's will."