"The Power of Positive"   (11-12-12)

This world and our daily lives can get filled with such a barrage of negative emotions,
that can sometimes get us feeling down and overwhelmed. It all seems to be spinning
at such a fast rate, and sometimes feels completely out of our control. We wake up,
we go to work, we go to bed, and start it all over again the next day....

Lately I have been making a conscience effort to take things a little slower, or at
least take the time to see all that is around me, and all that I have to be thankful for.
To see all the joy and happiness that is there and try to put my focus on feeling it and
sharing it with others. We do have the power within us to focus on the parts in our
lives that makes us happy and that help us feel love. It really is a choice within us.

So I want to create a little blog section on my website that specifically creates the
focus on love and creativity and the positive.
This is my first entry, but as I add new updates, the old entries will have a link to
them. I think the more we share our love and give our love, the more we get back,
and it can be one continuous happy circle if we can train our brains to focus on the
right things. If anyone has anything they want to share, please feel free to email me!

I will be sharing whatever I can find that is uplifting, from an inspirational pictures,
to poetry, quotes, book entries, and my own, and others thoughts and feelings.

From one of my most favorite authors, Marianne Williamson, a quote from her book
"A Return to Love" a quote:
"The key to happiness is the decision to be happy"