Supplies you will need to start:

1 lampworked vessel
1 accent bead
1 cork
2 tiny sterling silver beads
1 bali silver spacer
1 sterling silver jump ring
2 lengths of sterling silver wire about 3 inches long
(I use 20 gauge round wire)
1 length of sterling silver chain about 2 and 1/2 inches long
1 sterling silver head pin.
1.   Start by bending the two lengths of sterling silver
wire at about an inch of the way from the end. I use
20 gauge half/hard SS wire here. But you can use
whatever gauge would look best with your vessel.
Your two sterling silver wire pieces should now look like this.
2a.   Next make a loop starting right
where the bend begins.
These are going to be your handles.
2b.   After you bend this loop you will have
a bit of a tail left over, You will need to
bend this little tail back down the length of
the rest of the sterling silver wire.
2c.  The little tails coming back down
the SS wires need to be pretty close to
the same size. You may need to clip
one so that they will be even.
3.  Next, with both lengths of SS
wire, you will bend another right
angle where the SS wire tails end.
Your two SS wire pieces should now look like this.
4.  Next, take one peice of the SS wire and
nestle it up against the rim of your vessel.
While holding the loop end in place against
the vessel, shape the rest of the SS wire
around the rim of the vessel.
Do this with both lengths of SS wire, one
on the right side, and one on the left.
Your work to this point should now look like this.
( I am just holding the SS wires in place here).
5.  Now comes the tricky part! While holding
the looped handles in place take the
remaining length of SS wire from the
opposite looped wire and VERY snuggly
start wrapping around the opposing loop
starting as close to the vessel as possible. Be
sure to wrap the wire around both the tail and
wire pieces as shown.
Basically you are interlocking the SS wire
peices together this way.
It really does not matter if you decide to
wrap over or under on this part as long as
you do both sides the same way. Finish
wire wrapping up to the beginning of the
loops. Your work to this point should look
like the picture above.
5.  Now you just need to nip off the
excess wire and tuck it in flush with
your rounded needle nose pliers.
1a.  Finishing off the top: I fit my cork
inside the vessel and then make a small
mark with my fingernail right where the
cork comes out of the vessel.
1b.  With a razor tool I now cut the cork straight
across where I placed my fingernail mark.
I have received so many requests to share my instructions on how to wire wrap the handles
for a vessel so I decided to make an instructional page as well for our website. Enjoy!
Tools Needed:

Wire cutters
Rounded needle nose pliers
Regular needle nose pliers
Razor Tool
Your SS wire lengths should now look like this.
2.  Then place one of the tiny SS balls onto your head
pin. Carefully guide the headpin up through the cork
as straight as possible. Clipping the tip of the
headpin to an angle for a sharp point will help with
the ease of pushing the headpin through the cork.
3.  Place on head pin in this order:
your large bali spacer, your accenting
lampwork bead, your small bali spacer,
and your last tiny SS bead as shown.
4.  With rounded needle nose pliers bend a right
angle in the sterling head pin about 1/8 of an inch
away from last bead.
5. Make a loop with the needle nose pliers in the
head pin starting at the right angle that was just bent.
6.  Attach one end of the length of silver chain onto the
loop before wire wrapping the loop closed.
You can also put small charms on at this stage if desired.
7.  Wire wrap your loop closed by curling the
remaining tail of the head pin back down the 1/8
inch space which was left before first bead.
8.  Snip off any remaining length and then tuck end in
flush with rest of your coil using needle nose pliers.
9.  Attach opposite end of chain to vessel handle
using a SS jump ring and needle nose pliers.
Here is my finished wire-wrapped vessel.
Need some of those tiny corks
for your vessel creations?
Click Here
By Jodi Price

My wire wrapping technique has been recognized and featured in classes and
publications inlcuding: "Beading" Magazine Austraila, Dec. 2007 issue and "Spotlight
On Hollow Beads and Vessels" by Corina Tettinger.