Here is my finished vessel!  Fresh out
of the kiln with my wire wrapping
In making a Vessel, the REAL first steps are to have the proper equipment, tools and safety
material. Always wear protective glasses and clothing.
Have a fire extinguisher avaialable at all times and cool water for any burns.
Have your work area properly ventilated and covered with the appropriate non flammable surfaces.

Read as much as you can on the lampworking process, take classes, and practice, practice, practice!!
Most of all relax,  listen to some good music, and HAVE FUN!
1.   Start by heating the tip of your glass rod to a nice
molten ball. Get a nice coil of glass all the way down
the end of a mandrel. I am using light ivory glass here.
I usually start about an inch and a half away from the
end of the mandrel and work my way down to the end,
including covering the tip end of the mandrel.
(I am using a 1/8 inch mandrel here).
2.   Heat and then marver the glass to
a nice slender vessel shape.
Remember to constantly keep heating
all areas of the vessel in the flame.
3.   Take the vessel out of the flame and let
cool for just a few seconds. Now roll onto the
silver foil. Always place your foil on a flame
resistant surface.
4.   After rolling entire vessel in the silver
foil, roll again on your marver to get the
silver foil to lay smoothly against the vessel.
Your vessel should now look something like
this. Make sure not to keep it out of the
flame for too long.
5.   Be careful not to burn off any of the silver foil. Do
this by keeping the vessel heated high in the flame. Then
begin to apply an encasing layer of coils over the foil in
the transparent color of your choice. I am using light
grass green here.
6.   Continue coiling the hot glass all the way down
the length of the vessel just like you did with the
first base layer of your vessel and enclose the tip
end as well.
7.   Now your vessel should look something like this.
8.   Again heat and then marver the
glass into a nice vessel shape.
9.   You can use the end of your stationary or hand
held marving pads to shape up the top of the vessel.
10.   You can use a marble mold to shape
the end of your vessel.
11.   After heating the top area gently press in with
the tip of your tapered marver to make an
impression in the glass. Roll your vessel all the way
around in this manner to create your vessel lip.
12.   Your vessel is now ready to go into the kiln.
Making your accent bead for vessel topper.
13.   Make an accent bead for your vessel
topper by starting with a base of light ivory.
14.   After taking the bead out of the flame let cool
for a few seconds. Then roll your bead on the
silver foil. Again make sure your foil is on a flame
resistant surface. After applying foil keep bead
warm in flame. To avoid burning off silver keep in
high flame.
15.   Now you are ready to apply a layer of
transparent glass. I am using the light grass green
to match my vessel.
16.   Shape your bead into a nice
shape and now it is ready for the kiln.
Need some of those tiny corks
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