In making a bead the REAL first steps are to have the proper equipment, tools, and safety material.
Always wear protective glasses and clothing.
Have a fire extinguisher available at all times and cool water for any burns.
Have your work area properly ventilated and covered with the appropriate non flammable surfaces.
1.  After heating a nice amount of your glass tip to a
molten ball, start by winding a very narrow bead onto
your mandrel in the color of your choice. I am using
Moretti medium amber here.
2.  Continue building a winding
layer of glass over your narrow
base bead. You are now forming a
disc. You will need to keep
re-heating your glass as you move
along, and let the glass do the work
and slide onto the mandrel, try not
to push it on too hard.
3.  When you have the desired amount of glass built
up for your disc use  some mashers to straighten and
flatten your disc shape.
4.  Once you have your disc completely flat
and even spot heat one section at the top of
the disc bead.
5.  Using your tweezers grab the edge of the area
that was just spot heated and twist or tweek your
tweezers to the left one quarter turn. This should
create a small "S" shape on the edge of your disc.
6.  Again you will need to spot heat the area you are
working on. Now place your tweezers in the bottom
curve of your previously made "S" shape. This time
twist or tweek the tweezers one quarter turn to the
right. This will make another "S" shape.
7.  Continue with this "S" pattern all the way around the
edge of your disc bead. Remeber to use the bottom half of
your previous "S" shape to make the next twist and
always alternate the direction you are twisting the tweezers.
8.  Here is the finished Ruffle Bead headed for the kiln.
These ruffle beads add just the right
touch and sparkle to a bead set!!