Lampwork and Sterling Bracelet
"Hawaiian Ginger"

What a yummy bracelet! These soft amber colors always have such a warm
soothing feel to them. They reminded me of the gentle breezes of a tropical
island, with scents of beautiful flowers and glazed spices floating through the
air. These beads are made with real silver and gold to get the almost
irridescent effect. Amber base with whispering hints of Sage, Aquamarine,
Rust, and Ivory. All encased with Crystal clear for added depth and sparkle!

This bracelet has 6 of my hand torched lampwork beads included in the design,
along with 4 Czech Hibiscus flowers. The beads have been properly kiln
annealed before being added to this design. Design has 33 fun, little tassels
done in sterling and bali silver and real Amber stones. Chain, Lobster clasp,
and all other components are done in Sterling and Bali silver.

Bracelet measures 8 and 1/8 inches long(this is not including the tassel). The
wearable size is anywhere from 6 and 1/8 inches to 7 and 1/2 inches. The chain
can be clasped anywhere along that size to fit as snuggly or as loose as you
would like to wear it. And then of course the tassel will dangle from the end.

Item #J-713

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(shown in inches)
Close Up