Beadworx - Lampwork Bead Set - "Full Moon Flowers"
(9 lampwork beads)

Bright, vivid colors really bring out the design on these beads! Juicy Red, Tropical Coral, Cobalt
Blue, and Tantalizing Turquoise all encased with Crystal Clear....makes you just want to lick em'!
Tiny little plunged bubbles adorn each pool of Juicy Red, creating even more depth and sparkle to
these beauties!

Lampwork beads measure approx. 8mm x 11mm each.
Entire Bead Strand measures 2 and 15/16 inches long.
Beads are made on a 1/16' mandrel.

These beads were hand torched by me, with quality Italian glass, and they have all been properly
kiln annealed.

shown in inches
Close Up