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Polymer Clay and Gemstone Wand - "Mystic Angel"

This is an angelic inspired wand, complete with it's own set of wings!

This is a very nice size wand measuring in length of 7 and 3/4 inches and
having a width of 5/8 of an inch at the widest part of the wand.
It has a beautiful, large, Chevron Amethyst point at the top and a clear
Quartz crystal point at the bottom.

**(In some of the photos the bottom crystal appears to be green, this is due
to a reflection of the green shirt I was wearing that day. The true color of the
crystal is clear quartz).

I made the base of the wand from polymer clay in a gorgeous copper that has
a marbled look as well as tiny shimmering glitter particles throughout. I
dusted it with a shimmering amethyst sparkle which you can just see hints of
around the designs. I did the designs by hand and then gave it a
black-antiqued look finished with a clear coat to seal in the paint.

There are 10 stones set into the wand: Iolite, Carnelian, Agate, Tigers-eye,
2 Garnets, 2 Amethyst, and 2 Green Aventurine.
The wings have their design on both sides and are antiqued silver metal.
Great for meditation, energy healing, and ceremony!

These are the properties for the gemstone in this wand:

Iolite: Visionary, Intuition, Connecting.

Carnelian: Courage, Success, Energy.

Agate: Protection and Strength.

Tigers-Eye: Insight, Luck, Protection, Focus, and Awareness.

Garnet: Protection, Passion, Love, Devotion.

Amethyst: Humility, Protection, Sincerity and Spiritual Wisdom.

Aventurine: Luck, Creative Insight, and Opportunity.

Quartz Crystal Point: Healing, Energy, Spiritual.

"Mystic Angel"
Polymer Clay and Gemstone Wand
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