(shown in inches)
"Moon Spell"
I made this mini wand with Polymer clay, designing all of the detail work and
then hand painting the wand as well. The top is adorned with a large faceted
beautiful rainbow order. The meanings and attributes of the stones are below:

Quartz Crystal - Healing, Energy, Spiritual.

Amethyst - Protective, Spiritual, Serenity, Cleansing.

Labradorite - Protective, Connecting, Mystical.

Peridot - Protective, Cleansing, Visionary, Motivating.

Carnelian - Courage, Success, Energy.

Garnet - Protection, Passion, Love, Devotion.

Wand measures 1  and 13/16 inches long or about 45 millimeters. It measures
20 millimeters at widest point and about 10mm at most narrow area.

"Moon Spell"
Polymer clay and gemstone Faery Wand

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