Lampwork and Sterling Earrings
arth Stones"

These beads have such a gorgeous almost iridescent coloring to
them! I achieved this look by using both r
eal gold and silver in the
torching creation to get the whispy, dreamy colors of Aqua, Peridot, Amber,
and Ivory. I encased with Crystal
clear to add even more depth and lots of sparkle!
My lampwork beads measure approx.  8mm by 1
0mm each.

I have paired  them with beautiful earthen gems of Rich Jasper and Sleeping Beauty

Earrings have a full measurement of approx.
2 and 1/8 inches long,
which includes the ear wire.

Wire working is done by me with Sterling Silver, and  with Bali spacers and Sterling
silver beads and caps.
(largest spacer bead in center top is silver plate).
These beautiful ear wires are handcrafted in Sterling silver. I handmade these
lampwork beads and they have been properly kiln annealed.

Item #J-2349

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